How to Make Decorated Confetti Ribbon Cookies

Cookie decorating -- graduation decorated sugar cookies

Oh my goodness. It's like winter JUST won't go away this year. I mean...I like the guy and all, but sometimes he's just a little too clingy, you know? Like, maybe take some time to find yourself and get a hobby. YOU'LL be happier, I'LL be happier. And when we finally come back together say NOVEMBER...our relationship will be all the more stronger for the time away. But this insecurity, this weird need to remind me over and over again that you still exist? I'm over it. Take your snow and go.

Also... the flu. It made another round at my house this week. And when those first feelings of near death made it's way to my door, I'm not going to lie, my very first thought was, "Yippee!! Now I can finish that bag of Cadbury eggs without feeling guilty!!" But then I realized that I have exactly one jillion things to get done. And I was no longer overjoyed by the thought of endless chocolate. (HOW did that sentence even come out of my mouth?!!) Luckily for me, I have had the flu enough times this winter/spring/endless season of depression and despair that I am now apparently immune to it. So there winter. Annnnndddd... I just childishly stuck my tongue out in all four directions...just in case winter was watching.


cookie decorating -- party decorated sugar cookies

You know what I DO love though? SUPER easy and fun cookies. Like these confetti ribbon cookies. You can make a whole confetti background...or NOT. You can spray the cookie black and pipe a fun color on top...or NOT. I'm pretty sure Mother's Day is a confetti holiday, right? And Tuesdays and all of summer. Confetti ribbon all the things!!

Want to make some? It's a lot of wet-on-wet, so I just made you a video.

cookie decorating -- graduation decorated sugar cookies



See how I made the COLORED CHALKBOARD COOKIES here. 

Get the tutorial for the BOY GRADUATES, the GIRL GRADUATES, or the EMOJI GRADUATES.

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