New Year's Eve Cookies

My New Year's Resolution is to find more things to cram into my day. I just don't have enough going on. My children are well behaved and quiet and very, very neat. Our meals basically make themselves and I am the one person on the planet who is apparently immune to Pinterest.  I find myself sitting on my couch staring at the wall, willing a necessary task to present itself so I may become a more useful member of society.  Ha ha ha ha ha.... ah, I'm kidding. I'm only joking around. Just trying to be funny. My resolutions are actually 1. Be funny. (See above.) 2. Move to America. 3. Learn to breakdance better than my 5 year old. 4. Become royalty. 5. Stop wasting all that time thinking about how I'm going to have to do something without actually doing it. By my calculations, if I can accomplish that last goal, it will add an extra 11 months of useable time to my year. It only took me 2 1/2 days to do the calculations. Sometimes you have to give a little

Home for the Holidays

You know what I love about decorating cookies?  Everything. I like the way that the chocolate cookie dough tastes right before you add the flour. I love that I'm not actually supposed to admit that I taste the cookie dough and I also love knowing that I'm not the only person on the planet that breaks that rule. I love the satisfaction I feel when I cut perfect circles out of brand new cookie dough and somehow manage to transfer them to the baking sheet...and they still look like circles and not like aliens eating ice cream cones. I love the smell of cookies baking. I love NOT burning those cookies. I love eating fresh cookies. I like the way the royal icing looks like soft serve ice cream when it's all thick in my mixing bowl. I love coconut flavored royal icing...but not from a spoon. I just like the way it smells. I love mixing tricky colors and having them magically turn into the exact shade I need. I love PME tips. I love whe

Peppermint Meringues for a Cookie Party

So this one time, I had a really fun friend. And we had tons of fun every day of our lives. Except, actually, I had never actually met her. But I was pretty sure that if we hung out we would have tons of fun. And she was really good at making fun treats and even better at taking pictures of them and then she put them on the internet and people all over the world loved her. And then ONE DAY, she decided to have a super-huge cookie party. And she let me come. And she said I could make cookies. And, you guys know that I love to make cookies, so I said yes. And then I got all weird, because what if people don't LIKE my cookies and I end up hiding in the corner staring at the plate of cookies that nobody wants to eat? Or... what if I bring the same cookies as someone else and their cookies are prettier and perfect and my cookies don't ever get asked out on a date or eaten or anything? And then I realized that cookies don't actually go on dates, so I should just make whatev

Whimsical Christmas -- Cookies and Cards

I'm pretty much the best parent in the entire world. At 10:30pm tonight I told my 2 year old and my 5 year old that it was cool if they got out of bed and turned on their lights and just played with their toys in their jammies until they felt like going to bed. And then I contemplated giving them cookies.   Just now I went back there to check on them. One of them is asleep in MY bed. The other is asleep on a fuzzy pink rug.  The lights are on in both rooms. One of them is no longer wearing jammies. There are more toys in the beds than on the floor, and somehow the pillows are missing. But, all in all, I consider it a huge success and I'm considering trying it again tomorrow night. This probably won't backfire, right? Maybe I should make a giant pile of Christmas cookies to bribe them with... just to be sure.   It's the first Friday of the month. And that means I get to make more cookies inspired by the fantastic cards that my cousin Pam makes on her blog, Sim

Gift Ideas For the Cookie Decorator In Your Life

I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that if you read my blog you probably fall into one of two categories. 1) You ARE a cookie decorator or 2) You KNOW a cookie decorator. And right now I'm going to ask everyone from category 1 to leave the room. Go ahead. You know you need to run and check on those cookies just to make sure icing craters haven't suddenly appeared while you turned your back anyway. We'll be fine. We're just going to talk about the weather and other very non-interesting things while you are gone. No secrets. No sugar. Nothing at all that you need to stick around for.... ... really, it's nothing.... I'm just staring at the wall. Absolutely nothing is going on. Feel free to step out.... ... Are they gone? Whew. Let's get right down to business. First, if you know a cookie decorator -- you should be commended for putting up with their little - okay - HUGE, out-of-control obsession with cookies . You are practically a saint for goi

Drummers Drumming and Korea Tour Day 12

AND THE WINNER of the Copper Gif ts 12 Days of Christmas Cookie Cutter set is ...  Dotty from Sugar Dot Cookies who said:  " I'd love to win this set!  I love how you designed them! Please keep the Korea tour going! Thanks Georganne!" Congratulations Dotty and THANK YOU to everyone who entered.... and to everyone who let me talk about Korea for 12 days in a row. You're the best! Wow. 12 days. I'm kind of impressed with myself that I actually posted all of them. Oh sure, I took a day off in the middle to really find myself, but I came right back and just powered through. And now that we're here, I'm not altogether sure that I'm ready for it to end. Actually, I totally am. I get all stressed out when I set imaginary deadlines for myself and I convince my fragile emotional state that you will all hate me if something happens and I don't post. So then I start talking to myself all afternoon while I'm actually prete