Peppermint Meringues for a Cookie Party

So this one time, I had a really fun friend. And we had tons of fun every day of our lives. Except, actually, I had never actually met her. But I was pretty sure that if we hung out we would have tons of fun. And she was really good at making fun treats and even better at taking pictures of them and then she put them on the internet and people all over the world loved her. And then ONE DAY, she decided to have a super-huge cookie party. And she let me come. And she said I could make cookies. And, you guys know that I love to make cookies, so I said yes.

And then I got all weird, because what if people don't LIKE my cookies and I end up hiding in the corner staring at the plate of cookies that nobody wants to eat? Or... what if I bring the same cookies as someone else and their cookies are prettier and perfect and my cookies don't ever get asked out on a date or eaten or anything? And then I realized that cookies don't actually go on dates, so I should just make whatever I want. So I did. And I know this will come as a big shock to everyone, but they aren't decorated cookies. I did, however, manage to work in the necessary use of a piping bag anyway.

Peppermint Meringues. They're like crunchy foam. Who doesn't need a little more crunch foam in their lives? Go check it out HERE.


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