How To Make Fun Fall Leaf Decorated Cookies

The windows in my house have "character." And by "character" I mean they weren't installed correctly. And they don't close all the way. And they are covered in ice on the INSIDE during the winter. And honestly, I'm a little worried that one of my daughters will fall out of of them someday while having a tantrum because they think I am going to some kind of ice cream and candy buffet without know...the grocery store.

GUEST POST -- Sweet Bliss Cookie Company Happy Accident Rose

Sometimes ( OFTEN!! ) things don't turn out like we planned. And sometimes ( I can neither confirm nor deny the frequency at which this happens ) we cry to ourselves as we scrape cookies into the garbage. Sometimes ( usually ) we can salvage the cookie and even though it may not be our new adequately passes as a decorated cookie in the appropriate theme. But SOMETIMES...magic happens. This rose by Jamie from Sweet Bliss Cookie Company came from one of those magic moments.

Fantastic Find: Precision Rolling Pin

Sometimes I feel like this is what it must have been like to live in the Industrial Revolution. know...this one is a Cookie Revolution . There are so many brilliant ideas happening EVERY STINKING DAY right now. It's hard to keep up. And even harder to remember what our life was like before all these clever and innovative ideas came into existence. Case in point -- this Precision Rolling pin from The Cookie Countess .

Graphic Design Style Floral Cookies -- Guest Post with Cookies Art By Shirlyn

You guys. I hope you are ready for this blog post. When Shirlyn  of Cookies Art by Shirlyn showed me these graphic design style floral wedding cookies I almost lost my mind. They are GORGEOUS!!!! The colors! The details! I'm still obsessing over them. I just kept going back over and over again like a total creeper in the night just staring at them. Luckily for all of us, even though Shirlyn had just moved to the United States, she sweetly agreed to show us all how she made them!!! Isn't she the best?!!! When Georganne contacted me to ask if I can write a guest post, I was so excited and happy to do it for sure! She asked if I can do tutorial on how to make one of the two designs (Cake Stand and Congratulations) from the bridal shower set I did back in March. I just told her - I am going to do both!