Wedding Cookies and a CURE for Procrastination

Okay... maybe CURE is too strong. Actually, it's not. It's the perfect word. Hear me out. Today is Friday. Chances are, you've got a bit of work ahead of you tonight. And chances are, you are planning on doing all that cookie decorating later tonight. After the kids go to bed. But then they take a while to go to bed. And you've got this one other thing that you're going to do first. And then you'll just hop on Facebook real fast, just to check something ... and then it's been so long that you need to see if you got that one email you've been waiting for. And you might as well turn on a show while you are doing that. And maybe get a snack... and remember that one snack you saw on Pinterest? That would be perfect for tonight. Let's go see if we can find it real quick... and then all of a sudden it is TWO IN THE MORNING and you can't remember your name or what just happened but you feel this impending sense of dread and doom as you realize all

Painting Challenge Round-Up and a WINNER!!

You guys -- Painting on cookies is your THING!!! You all completely rocked that challenge last month! It was nearly impossible to narrow down my favorites!  I actually looked at these beach cookies from MissCuit THREE times before I really understood that these were the cookies and not the inspiration. I absolutely LOVE how she combines wet-on-wet with painting! And... she even has a tutorial. Click on the picture above to go to her site. And these stunning New Orleans cookies from Elizabeth at Sweet Art Sweets are absolutely stunning in their stunning stunningness. Seriously, the combination of piped lines and painted art... ahhh..... AMAZING. And another set of destination themed cookies with incredible texture and shading from Rebecca at The Cookie Architect . And of course... the most gorgeous, calming colors that ever existed. I love how Sugared Hearts Bakery used the painting technique to create cracker jacks on the boxes. I have stared at them for hours and

Challenge Yourself -- USE THAT CUTTER!!!

I'm already a jillion hours behind my entire life at this point. So I'm just going to come right out and say this. I'm pretty sure that I can read your mind. Let's take this little quiz and see how good I am. 1. How many cookie cutters do you own? (I don't want to tell you because I secretly don't want to know the answer myself. Because if I knew the answer I wouldn't be able to conceivably be telling the truth when I say "I don't know" the next time my family asks.) 2. How many of those cookie cutters do you use on a regular basis. (Somewhere between 10 and 20. But don't tell my other cutters. They will get jealous. You know how cutters can be. ) 3. How many of those cookie cutters have you NEVER used? (I see where this is going and I want out. I will NOT be held responsible for feelings of cutter inferiority. I judge them solely on merit and performance and would never discriminate based on their construction or how shiny and