The Whole Halloween Gang...On Cookies

Can you guys keep a secret? Yeah, me either. Here's the thing. My husband is out of town. He has been for a few days...and I don't really know when he's going to come back. I'm not supposed to tell you that because that means you know that he won't be here at 3am if you wanted to break in and steal my good stuff. But I'm just going to tell you anyway because its an integral part of the story. See, he's in Seoul. That's this great-big-HUGE city in South Korea. It's clear on the other side of the country. Which means that it's at least 3 1//2 hours from here. (That little fact has nothing to do with the story.) Do you want to know what he's doing tonight? HE'S AT THE BAKER'S MARKET!!! Markets here are kind of a big deal. Imagine 5 Walmarts right next to each other with no parking lots. They are like mini-towns. People literally eat and sleep at their stands. He was talking to me while walking through the box part of the market.

Standing and Hanging Cookies -- How To

I made these cookies for The Cookie Cutter Company. And also for myself. And apparently the neighborhood children.  And then, I posted them all over the place during the month of October. And got all sorts of questions about them. Soooooo.... I decided to do a quick post and answer some of the most asked questions. You can totally ignore this post if you don't care about these cookies. I won't tell them. (Because I ate them. And everyone knows that once you eat cookies, you can't say mean things to them. It's a rule or something.) HOW TO MAKE YOUR COOKIES STAND UP 1. Decorate your cookies and let the icing dry. 2. Bake some sort of shape for it to stand on. I kind of like scalloped shapes, but I also used plain ol' rectangles for the tombstones. 3. Drop some thick-ish icing on to your bottom cookie. 4. Put your base cookie under a cooling rack, and prop the decorated cookie between two of the rungs. Let it stand there until completely dry. Please, pl

Show Me Your Pumpkins!!

If you were a guessing person, how many PUMPKIN COOKIE CUTTERS would you guess that I have? I'll give you a hint, it is more than 1. (It is also more than 10.) The very first cookie cutter that I ever bought was a pumpkin cutter. And I have loved it and squished it and used it every year of my life for the last two years. I know that people say that Christmas is the season of cookie decorating...but I don't buy that. Everyone wants to decorate cookies in December, but let's be honest with ourselves. We are all a smidgeon too busy in December to pick up any new hobby, regardless of the amount of desire in our little loving hearts. So...let me put forth the suggestion that October become the new season of cookie decorating. Halloween cookies are WAY more fun. They are all bright and shiny and scary and creepy and if you totally mess up and your Frankenstein cookie looks like an alien -- no one ever has to know . Also, I'm pretty sure that everyone in the wor

The Artist and The Canvas -- Sarah Trefny

Yeay! It's time for another installment of... I don't actually know how many different cookie cutters there are in the world. If I had to guess though, I would say at least 37. Probably more. But even with all those different cutters, there just isn't a cutter for every design in your head. Unless of course you are Sarah Trefny. Sarah Trefny is the creative genius behind Klickitat Street . Well, not the actual street. Just the amazing little cookie gems that go by that name. Sarah started making cookies just under a year ago in November and within a few weeks was already creating these darling little angels using a snowman cutter.. Now, I know what you are thinking.... And you are right. Sarah DID study Biology and Chemistry in college. (You're so smart.) She also took some art classes and does some oil painting on actual canvas . (I bet you didn't see that one coming.)   Sarah grew up near Denver, Colorado and currently lives in Hillsboro, Orego

Social Media Ettiquette Lessons From Kindergarten

A few days ago, I was talking with my husband about an online injustice that I found particularly disturbing. (What? You guys ARE my social life. Don't judge) An online friend had posted a gorgeous picture. And someone else had taken the photo and put their own watermark across it (and to add insult to injury... was accusing my friend of trying to "steal" her own photo back. It was crazy-weird.) My kindergartner overheard the conversation and got a bit worked up over it. " But, WHY did they take it if it wasn't theirs??!!" My 5-year-old knows right and wrong because I tell him every day. And his teacher tells him every day. And his friends tell on him if he forgets. He's going to miss that when he gets older. At least, I'm pretty sure he will miss the snacks. So I'm just going to go ahead and print this out and mail it to his future self along with a bag of goldfish crackers.   1. If it's not NICE...don't say it.    I know th