Standing and Hanging Cookies -- How To

I made these cookies for The Cookie Cutter Company. And also for myself. And apparently the neighborhood children.  And then, I posted them all over the place during the month of October. And got all sorts of questions about them. Soooooo.... I decided to do a quick post and answer some of the most asked questions. You can totally ignore this post if you don't care about these cookies. I won't tell them. (Because I ate them. And everyone knows that once you eat cookies, you can't say mean things to them. It's a rule or something.)


1. Decorate your cookies and let the icing dry.
2. Bake some sort of shape for it to stand on. I kind of like scalloped shapes, but I also used plain ol' rectangles for the tombstones.
3. Drop some thick-ish icing on to your bottom cookie.
4. Put your base cookie under a cooling rack, and prop the decorated cookie between two of the rungs. Let it stand there until completely dry. Please, please, please, make sure that the icing on the top half of the cookie is not thicker than the icing on the bottom half. Or the cookie will be stuck. (Not that I did that.) (I lied. I totally did.) (Also...This cooling-rack-prop-up-method-of-fantastic-geniusness is 100% Callye's idea. Not at all mine.)


I'm so glad someone asked about this, because this turned out to be one of the best things that happened to our house this October. And happily, it's not complicated. I tied clear acrylic craft string (It's the same thing as fishing line, but doesn't sound as gross when you are talking about cookies.) to individual "beads" from an edible candy necklace. Pipe some thick icing on to the back of a decorated and dried cookie and push the candy bead into the icing. Let it dry for 30 minutes and you are DONE!! 

You can use these as decorations (Christmas anyone?) or for my children's favorite Halloween game. I don't have actual pictures of this because I can't hold a broom and take a picture of myself holding the broom at the same time. But, basically it looks just like this. (I guess I need to work on those muscles. And also I should grow eyebrows.) Tie the cookie to a broomstick and let your kids try to eat it without using their hands. It's hilarious. And fun. And everyone likes it because you get to eat cookies. Or hold a broom. And who doesn't want to hold a broom? Or...wait a minute...I actually just like hearing my kids laugh. I'm not so hung up on the whole "holding the broom" thing. 

If you are interested, you can find the decorating tutorials for these cookies here --


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