Top 9 Ways To Use Sprinkles on Decorated Cookies

I have this... friend ...that may or may not have this itty-bitty tiny (huge) sprinkle problem. I mean, I'm not judging her, but she kind of loses her mind when she sees those brightly colored sprinkles of love and sugar and at this point her "spare" room has more in common with a candy store than a guest room. I think I saw her putting in a "sprinkle slide" last time I was over. I'm not sure if you also have... friends ...with a sprinkle problem, but if you do, it might be time to give them a little nudge. And by "nudge," I of course mean, "reasons to buy MORE MORE MORE!!!" (Just don't tell my husband. I friend's husband.)

Stenciled Turkey Cookies

I don't like space movies. There just aren't a lot of plot options. As soon as I see a trailer, I already know that the movie is going to go one of two ways -- something bad happens and everyone you've come to know and care about dies in some horribly noble way that will forever scar your life OR something bad happens and they find a solution at the very last possible second and only one person that you've come to know and care about dies in some horribly noble way that will forever scar your life.

Easy Decorated Turkey Cookies for Thanksgiving

If parent guilt was an Olympic sport...I would be a medalist. I worry about what I'm teaching my kids if I let them eat dessert *gasp* every night. I worry about what kind of parent I am if I let them watch Netflix more than once during a school week. (And two days? THREE DAYS??!! I'm basically a monster.) I rarely do crafts with them unless I'm desperate. They play outside sometimes. And once in a while they wear weather appropriate clothing to school on purpose. I've been known to intentionally feed them quesadillas for dinner. And during the toddler ate tomatoes and strawberries straight from the garden without even washing them. Trust me. If there is something a parent could conceivably feel bad about themselves for...I've already booked a one way ticket on that guilt trip. But my biggest shame....

Cookie Cutter Challenge Round-up and WINNERS!!!

I LOVE seeing inside your cookie brains!!! You guys ROCKED this challenge!! It was so fun to see all your entries come in over the last 6 weeks! And...more than once...I found myself looking at a cookie I was madly in love with...without even realizing it was for the challenge! My absolute favorite shifts are the ones you can't tell are shifts!! I know right now that all you're hearing is "Prizes...prizes...prizes..."

Halloween Witch Cookies -- Guest Post with Cookie Antics

Sometimes you see a cookie and you are instantly in love with it -- the lines, the colors, the creativity... you just want to scoop it up and take it home with you. Maybe make it a little bed in the corner of your kitchen so it can stay with you and be your new late night cookie decorating friend. It can live off disco dust and good intentions.

Halloween Food Color Comparisons

So... I'm not sure if you know this...but I'm a little bit obsessed with color. I love mixing colors. It's my favorite part of cookie decorating. You know...along with the planning and the cookie dough tasting and the late-ish nights alone without screaming children and the photographing and the sharing of the finished cookies.