The solution to all your Royal Icing Issues...or at least to some of them!

**Fair Warning-- This post is a little wordy and full of numbers and zero actual cookies.**
Remember last spring when over TWO THOUSAND of you poured your icing covered hearts out to me in an icing issues survey? I promise I didn't forget! I wasn't keeping it a secret. I *may* have lost my notebook for a few weeks this summer...but here is what I've been up to -- 

First -- I compiled all the numbers and made a bunch of charts and mathed things out in percentages looking for patterns and possible theories that might solve all of our icing problems.

Second -- I asked for volunteers to help test those theories (and was overwhelmed by the very generous lot of you that said yes!!) I sent out different ingredients with varying methods of mixing, storing, and coloring icing. All my volunteers tested those ingredients and methods and reported back.

Third -- I put all *that* information together in more charts with lots more scribbles. Some of my theories were completely off base…