Flowers and Bees

We went hiking a few weeks after I moved here. There was a steady stream of people going both directions. Grandmas were passing us from behind and I swear we got lapped at least once before we even made it all the way up. I was excited when I realized we were almost to the top. I mean, the whole point of hiking is to get somewhere cool and then just stop and think about how you worked really hard to get there. And then to feel good about yourself because you are breathing outside air and seeing things that are not your living room walls and exerting yourself and stuff. Imagine my surprise when we reached the top and found.... WORK OUT MACHINES. I kid you not. Those old ladies that passed us half way up were hard at work ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN doing things like shoulder presses and abdominal twists. I mean, sure it was a nice view and all....but isn't climbing a mountain enough for one person? I tell you what happened next-- this person collapsed on a bench while pretending her in

Raining Sunshine

I have a confession to make. (I know. Always with the confessions.) I haven't made cookies in nearly 3 weeks. But that's not the worst part. The worst part was that I didn't even want to make cookies.  Go ahead and shun me now. It's cool. I've been expecting it. See, I've been real, real sick. I don't usually get sick. Ever. But this time I did. And I was sick for kind of a long time. And I was super annoying to be around. But it wasn't my fault. I mean, I don't have much practice being sick. I don't know how to handle it. I panicked and went for annoying. I can't be judged on the same terms as more experienced sick people. Anyway... about the same day that my husband was getting ready to check into a hotel room with our 3 small children just to get away from me...I miraculously started feeling better. Seriously though, I wasn't faking it. Who fakes not wanting to make cookies?! I was going to tell you all the funny stories from

Cherry Blossom Cookies

I am quite decisive. I can enter a movie rental establishment and walk out in under five minutes with three movies and a box of popcorn. I have no problems shopping for clothing. I love it or I hate it. Immediately. I don't "let things grow on me." Things don't grow on me. It took less than an hour for me to decide to be a river guide. It took even less time to pack the clothes I thought I would need. Buying a car? That's about as easy as choosing my socks for the day. socks are all the same color and style. It's a fantastic thing when it comes to raising children. Can I have this incredibly healthy snack full of vitamins and minerals that my growing body needs? -- YES. Can I watch this movie that is full of naughty words and that will make me want to hit my sister after viewing it for only 12 minutes? -- NO. Is it okay if I climb out on the roof so I can throw my ball down 15 stories? I promise I won't fall off and I won't hit

The Vanilla Variation

Remember the good old days when we ate End-All for Chocolate Cookies and talked about funny things like the fireman jumping off my balcony ?  Did you know its been over a year since I shared that recipe with you all and peer pressured you into trying it? I'm such a good friend enabler. Seriously, if you need help justifying an extra pair of jeans or a day floating on a river or something.... I am your girl. An afternoon nap you say? How about a trip to Spain? You just call me right up and I'll get on it. I can even print it out on some kind of important looking letter-head thing and priority mail it to your husband/mother/boss/child's school teacher. I'm not really sure about gift wrap though. I could look into it if that's important to you.  Umm....maybe just don't tell MY husband though, okay? Because, clearly, I'm a little susceptible to peer pressure myself. I mean.. a VANILLA VARIATION??!! What? How did that happen?  (You guys are such

Cookies and Cards? For Easter?

Hey everyone! I'm back! I'm not super sick anymore and I have a FUN surprise for you guys -- you get to hear all about one of my cousins! Yeay! We're all excited because it is Friday! And hearing about my cousin is the cherry on top!! Fantastic day.'s the deal. Pam (my cousin) is this super talented, creative.....wait for it....CARD MAKER. For real. The things she creates out of paper are actually, there aren't words for them. But I love them. And once, I got to hold one in my hand and carry it around with me for days. And I still have it. It looks like this. Because that is what she made for me. This exact card . I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone that I pretty much stalk her blog . And drool over her cards. And wonder how in the world she thinks to add 3 little dots to a tree trunk....because its obviously the PERFECT addition....sigh....There was really only ever one solution to this. I convinced her to do a Cookie


I'm not exactly what you would call a "flower lover." I mean, I don't have anything against them. If someone gave me a big ol' bouquet of love in flower form, I would certainly be real, real happy. And I would put them in a pretty vase and look at them long after they had lost their petals.... Its just that I'm more of a practical person. I'll be honest. A bouquet of tools on Mother's Day would be SO COOL.I think that my flower problems stem from my young childhood. When I was growing up, my friend let me in on a little secret. The small old man living on the corner liked flowers. She told me that once he had PAID her when she brought him some flowers. So, the enterprising 4 year old that I was...I spent all day gathering HIS flowers and taking them to him -- THREE flowers at a time. I thought I was SO SMART. Until I got home. And my mother found me counting my money. Hoping to get out of the sticky situation I had gotten myself into, I innoc