Cookies and Cards? For Easter?

Hey everyone! I'm back! I'm not super sick anymore and I have a FUN surprise for you guys -- you get to hear all about one of my cousins! Yeay! We're all excited because it is Friday! And hearing about my cousin is the cherry on top!! Fantastic day.'s the deal. Pam (my cousin) is this super talented, creative.....wait for it....CARD MAKER. For real. The things she creates out of paper are actually, there aren't words for them. But I love them. And once, I got to hold one in my hand and carry it around with me for days. And I still have it.

It looks like this. Because that is what she made for me. This exact card. I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone that I pretty much stalk her blog. And drool over her cards. And wonder how in the world she thinks to add 3 little dots to a tree trunk....because its obviously the PERFECT addition....sigh....There was really only ever one solution to this.

I convinced her to do a Cookies and Cards project with me.

What's not to love? I mean, there are cards and there are cookies and it has the same initials as "Cookies and Cream" which we all know is a good thing. And, if that weren't enough, basically it means that once a month I get to shamelessly use one of her gorgeous card designs to make some cookies! Yeay! We all win!

Since it is going to be Easter in like...hours now...I chose one of her Easter designs. THIS Easter design. I LOVED the pattern on the eggs. Still love it. Plus, it was a super good excuse to play with tootsie rolls. Seriously, just mush a bunch together, roll them out flat, and cut out shapes with teensy-tiny fondant cutters...or your icing tips and drop on to a freshly iced cookie.

Guess what? It's still not over! Yeay! It's still Friday! Pam chose one of MY cookies and is making it into a CARD! Yeay! Best day ever! Okay -- go check out HER CREATIONS HERE!! (Except that after you go and see what she can do....don't judge me based off that, okay? Because she is AMAZING!)

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