Graduation Cookies

Remember last year? I had just moved back to the good old US of A and had nearly zero belongings. My household furnishings consisted of a card table, 2 folding chairs, and a pot. I slept on a blanket on the floor and used my cell phone as an alarm clock, night light, and emergency weapon at 3 in the morning when my neighbor's cat knocked over a bucket in their backyard. I was making cookies with a grocery bag full of cutters my aunt had loaned me and some Ziplock bags. (As it turns out... more than a year later...I still haven't returned those cutters. I'm a bad person.) (Not entirely true. My aunt said they could stay and play for awhile longer. She'll come visit them if she gets lonely. She's a fantastic aunt like that.) My whole point here is that I made cookies like these last year. And never posted them. And I wasn't worried about it because who in their right mind would make graduation cookies with a blue ribbon cutter and a football cutter?

Quick and Easy Filler Flower Tutorial

Sometimes you just need a little something more, you know? Like switching out your yoga pants for actual clothes when you go outside your house. Sometimes that's enough... but sometimes you want to get a little crazy and put on some mascara as well. Sometimes you've got a fantastic cookie design. And you love it. And it's perfect. But it's lonely and needs a friend. And we're all about love and friendship, but you've very nearly run out of time and you've completely run out of ideas and creativity because, let's be honest, you've been awake for 48 hours straight taking care of those fantastic and perfect cookies. I have a solution. Add some tiny filler flowers. You can always fit a couple more of them in the corners of your baking sheet. And if you pre-make a bunch of the middles, these flowers take literally seconds to ice. And you can use your left over icing to make sure they coordinate with the "perfect" cookies you just