Rock Candy Cookies

There are two things that every cookie decorator asks me. The first -- what do you DO with all the cookies you make? The answer -- All sorts of stuff. I let my kids eat them. I let the neighbor kids eat them. I give them to everyone who will take them. I surprise teachers and coaches with them. Sometimes I throw them away when it's actually taken me 3 weeks to get myself on track and actually finish the cookies. And sometimes I give them to my friend because she likes to make magnets out of them. And the second question -- How do you keep from eating them ALL THE TIME?! The answer to that is surprisingly simple. I don't like baked goods. Cakes, muffins, cookies, pastries all have a near zero appeal to me. I would consider myself the luckiest girl in the whole wide world if I didn't know my deep secret. I LOVE CANDY. All kinds of candy except the kind that are just chocolate and nuts. I only merely like those kind. But if it's brightly colored -- I'm in love.

Decorated Ocean Wave Cookies

Can we talk about paper for a minute? More specifically -- the pages of a book. I know I'm a blogger and this pretty much goes against everything internetty that ever was... but I just adore books. I like the weight of them. And the smooth smooth paper. And I like that things stay in the same place. If that one recipe you love and adore more than your first glitter nail polish is on the bottom of the left's always going to be on the bottom of the left page. You can ACTUALLY book mark it and it will always be right where you left it. And you can flip back and forth between two pages for as long as you like. You don't have to click on something to make it bigger. It's already bigger. And it doesn't have to load. You don't have to charge it. And if you accidentally spill your drink on a book (who does that???!) ... it's probably still going to be okay. Maybe a little wrinkled or wavy...but still totally functional.   And in all of my love of b

Back To School Backpack Cookies From An Easter Cutter

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make bright and fun Back To School decorated sugar cookies for your favorite student or teacher! Sometimes I think about my life before I moved to America. My kids were each born in a different state or country. They are actually convinced that if we move again that they will get a little brother. My 3 year old says, "You get in an airplane and then you get a baby." I'm letting her believe that for now. I used to dream about moving back to America and how easy it would be to find the exact cutter I always dreamed of. And turning lanes. And buying milk at 3 in the morning. And owning a house instead of renting. But as it turns out... I still order most of my cutters from the internet. Turning lanes actually are the most fantastic thing that ever happened to my driving life. I've never once, in the entire 2 years I've been back gone to purchase milk at 3 in the morning. And owning a house? Not quite as f

Decorated Peace Rose Cookies -- 4 Ways

I'm going to petition to make grocery shopping a sport. I'm not really sure WHO it is that you would have to petition or even really how to do it. But if I can figure out how to use Twitter... I am pretty sure I can figure this out. I mean... it's physical exertion, right? 25 pound bags of sugar and flour don't just lift themselves up into your shopping cart. Your children don't just walk quietly next to you as they pass their favorite candy/toy/game/random-what-have-you-with-flashing-lights-and-noises. And then you lift all those groceries up on to the counter, then back into the cart, you have to push it across the parking lot while simultaneously corralling said children and dodging into the path of cars to snag them up since you really weren't very good at corralling them and once you get to your car, you unload everything just to lug it all back out again when you get home. All of this would be totally fine and carefree if your diet consisted of sunfl