Decorated Peace Rose Cookies -- 4 Ways

I'm going to petition to make grocery shopping a sport. I'm not really sure WHO it is that you would have to petition or even really how to do it. But if I can figure out how to use Twitter... I am pretty sure I can figure this out.

I mean... it's physical exertion, right? 25 pound bags of sugar and flour don't just lift themselves up into your shopping cart. Your children don't just walk quietly next to you as they pass their favorite candy/toy/game/random-what-have-you-with-flashing-lights-and-noises. And then you lift all those groceries up on to the counter, then back into the cart, you have to push it across the parking lot while simultaneously corralling said children and dodging into the path of cars to snag them up since you really weren't very good at corralling them and once you get to your car, you unload everything just to lug it all back out again when you get home. All of this would be totally fine and carefree if your diet consisted of sunflower seeds and cotton candy. And you lived alone.

Also... going into a grocery store with all your children and returning home with all of them AND everything on your list AND your ever loving mind requires Skill Level:Ninja. Basically what I'm saying is that I'm a grocery ninja. And should totally be going to the Olympics once everyone else gets on board with this whole grocery shopping sport thing. Like, if you needed that one exact brand of cheese that you love -- I'm on it. I could get that for you. I could do it nine times. But between you and me...maybe don't ask the other adult in this house. He's a total amateur.

Confession: I installed periscope on his phone last week so I could stealth shop with him. You know, to make sure that we got LETTUCE instead of CABBAGE. Not that we've had that problem in the past or anything. You know, hypothetically. know what?

Cookies! Let's talk about those instead.

Like these peace rose birthday cookies! Let's talk about these. I started with method #1 -- white background, airbrushed the outer edges pink and used THIS STENCIL with gold airbrush color.  But then I wanted to know what would happen if I just used icing and the stencil. Hint -- it looks like method #4. But because I'm slightly compulsive... I also tried out Callye's Easy Rose Tutorial which turned out like rose #2. And because I seriously can't leave well enough alone, I also had to try out this super fun rose tutorial from Elaine's Sweet Life and got rose #3. Although, I'm pretty sure that if I had actually followed her might have turned out a little better.

 I modified Callye's rose tutorial to turn it into a peace rose.
1. Outline the cookie with light pink icing and flood just the outer edges. Immediately add some white icing and finish with some yellow icing. Allow to dry for an hour.
2. Use thick darker pink icing to give the flower a wonky edge.
3. Use thick darker yellow icing to finish the rose petal outline.


Get the cutter HERE and the stencil HERE

See Callye's full tutorial HERE.

See Elaine's tutorial HERE.

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