How I Do Everything

You know what I love about America? Public Restrooms. I love that they exist. And that I can find them. And that my children can use them because they aren't just a hole in the tile. I went to a Michael's craft store last week. We were there so long my daughter had to use the restroom. Twice. I couldn't actually wrap my mind around all the choices in each aisle. It was completely overwhelming. My mind just kept spinning in circles, wanting to go on and look at every single option, but at the same time needing to know more about the multitude of new products I've never even seen or heard about. And since all of my cookie decorating everything is on a slow boat from South Korea, it was so easy to want to buy one of each... of everything in the entire store. Fake flowers? I totally need those. Pre-cut mats for framed prints? I'll take two. Wooden letters in three different styles? One of each. I mean.... what if I get the wrong style or change my mind? I'm not w

My Journey to America and Easter Cookies

SURPRISE! I live in America now!   As I'm certain you care deeply about the very minute details of my life and can't possibly continue living without hearing about every inch of my journey... except that... seems like somehow you've managed to go on with your very busy and productive lives without an update from me.  Do you want to hear how it went anyway? I woke up at 4:45 in the morning. It was dark. I was lying on my left arm. I reached over to... whetw. I'm already tired of telling you things. I'm just going to skip to the interesting parts. Last Thursday, I traveled with my 3 children from Daegu, South Korea to Seoul, South Korea to Tokyo, Japan to Los Angeles, California to Salt Lake City, Utah . It was 23 total hours of traveling, broken down into 15 hours of airplane flying, 4 hours of movie watching, 1.5 hours of sitting at airports, 2 hours of carrying 2 car seats and one child across about hundred jillion miles of airport hallways

How To Move Your Google Reader Blog List to Blog Lovin

I promise I'm going to update you all on that enormous adventure that I will henceforth refer to as "The Journey to America." But first, did you hear the Google Reader is going away?! I kind of panicked for at least 35 seconds and may have wandered near some ice cream when I heard that. And then I spent at least 12 more seconds reflecting on the meaning of life and what makes a vanilla ice cream "French" as opposed to just regular type vanilla ice cream. And then I started panicking again. I love Google Reader. It's like a best friend to me. I can hang out with it a couple of times a day for weeks at a time, and then get busy with my life and my time adjusting children and forget all about it for another week or months even and when I come back, it's waiting for me, exactly where we left off. I don't have to apologize or make up excuses. Google Reader loves me just the way I am. I kind of thought we were meant to be. I thought we'd always be tog

Sketch It! Round up and a WINNER!

In case you were wondering... I am sitting on the floor in a very empty house. In a few minutes, I am going to go to sleep on a borrowed blanket. And in about 8 hours I am going to get on the first of 4 different airplanes. Also, in case you were wondering, I don't have any cookies. Not a single one. The movers actually packed them in the same box as all of my kitchen plates and a nearly empty box of Rice Krispies. The bread was barely rescued by my brave husband before the tape closed on the darkness that will soon be a giant forest of mold and staleness. And on that note, let's talk about my favorite cookies from last month's challenge.  I love the way these cookies by Cakey Bakey were designed. Each of them is a different pattern, but they all work so well together. So intricate... yet simple squares and triangles. Great job! Besides loving just about everything that Jill from Jill FCS creates, I adore these girls. I love the colors, I love how they are e

Challenge Yourself -- Change Up Your Photography

It would be surprising and weird if an oil painter created a huge, beautiful canvas of gorgeousness and then tossed it on the floor...under a table of 3 year olds eating chocolate cake and strawberry jam. It would be a little uncomfortable to watch a high fashion designer create the most beautiful dress ( that surprisingly actually covered all body parts for the first time in fashion history ) and then see him crumple it up and throw it to the bottom of a laundry basket and then cover it with army uniforms from a 3 week field exercise. (My husband says they don't shower on those things.) (I told him they should.) (I didn't win.) It would break my little heart to know that talented cookie ladies and gents don't care if or how they take photos of their incredible and unique creations.You are too talented to let it all fade into oblivion. By their very nature, your cookies are intended to be eaten. Destroyed, in fact. They can, and should, disappear withou