My New Favorite Plaque Cutter IS My Old Favorite Plaque Cutter

So... I have this thing where I fall in love with every cookie cutter I see and I can't help but want to take them home and squish them and love them and tell them they are pretty every day of their lives. And sometimes, when I'm putting them gently into their plastic tote box of dreams, I think about how we'll grow old making cookies together and someday...when we're both quite past our cookie decorating prime, we'll move to the coast and live out the rest of our days on a front porch filled with sunshine as we watch small families enjoying a relaxing afternoon of sand throwing and tantrums at the beach. It's actually quite common. But sometimes... I also have this thing called "logic" and "reality" that stops me from buying every cutter on the planet. And that makes me sad....

How to Choose a Rolling Pin

Six questions to ask yourself before choosing and buying a rolling pin for decorated sugar cookies. I can't say it enough -- there are infinite RIGHT ways to decorate cookies. If it works for you -- it's the right way. If it doesn't - try something else! The same holds true for decorating tools. Some people swear by icing bottles. Some people use disposable piping bags without any tips at all. Maybe you think plastic cutters are the best...or maybe you only use copper cutters. When it comes to choosing the right tools - BUY ALL THE THINGS seems like the most common approach. But unless you want a cabinet overflowing with rolling pins...I've got six questions you need to ask yourself before you buy a new rolling pin.

How to Hand Cut Sugar Cookies

Don't have the cutter you need? You can always hand cut your sugar cookie shapes! Use these tips and tricks to make hand cutting as easy as possible. I own a lot of cookie cutters. Like... A LOT. Like.... someone cover my husband's eyes ... probably around 800 cookie cutters. And I love to re-purpose a cookie cutter and use it for something entirely different from it's intended shape. (You turning a candle cutter into a gnome .) But for all my planning (ha) and preparation (ha ha ha ha ha)... sometimes I just need a certain shape that I don't have. And when that happens, I'm faced with two possible solutions -- I can make my own cookie cutter or I can hand cut the shape.