My New Favorite Plaque Cutter IS My Old Favorite Plaque Cutter

Cute and fun decorated school sugar cookies

So... I have this thing where I fall in love with every cookie cutter I see and I can't help but want to take them home and squish them and love them and tell them they are pretty every day of their lives. And sometimes, when I'm putting them gently into their plastic tote box of dreams, I think about how we'll grow old making cookies together and someday...when we're both quite past our cookie decorating prime, we'll move to the coast and live out the rest of our days on a front porch filled with sunshine as we watch small families enjoying a relaxing afternoon of sand throwing and tantrums at the beach.

It's actually quite common.

But sometimes... I also have this thing called "logic" and "reality" that stops me from buying every cutter on the planet. And that makes me sad.... least until I remember that I can mush up my old cutters to make completely NEW cutters!!! And then I love those new cutters so much...I don't want to un-mush them so I have to buy my old cutters again.

How to re shape a cookie cutter

I seriously love this "new" squished plaque soooo much I absolutely had to share it with you and give you just a little reminder that YOU are the boss of your cutters. Don't be afraid to mush 'em up a bit if you need something a little rounder or taller or squarer or weird-ish-er.

The key to a good cutter squishing is to do it slowly and uniformly. Try to use an even amount of pressure on both sides of a bend so that you keep the same basic shape. Unless you want full-out wonky and in that case -- do your thing. Cookie cutters are kind of like bread dough -- they have a little elasticity. So every time you press on it, the cutter will pull itself back out again a little bit. Keep this in mind as you are squishing and watch how far it comes back after you press on it. You'll probably have to squish it a little tighter than you want it to be, so that when it's exactly what you want.

And if you go too far -- you can pull it back out again a little bit.

And if you've just completely mangled it -- you have two options. You can use it as is for Halloween. Cover it in sprinkles and eyeballs and call it a monster. No matter the shape - this could work. OR, you can uses objects around the house (like a marker or spice jar) and pliers to gently re-shape the curves and corners.

brightly colored decorated school sugar cookies


Grab the other cutters: Apple, Pencil, Heart, and Paper Clip.


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