Grapes Cookies

I've been making peanut butter and jam sandwiches for a pretty long time. Like ages and ages. I'm pretty much a cave woman of peanut butter sandwiches. I've made them on white bread and wheat bread and bread straight from an oven. I've tried raspberry and strawberry and grape jam and even went through a wild, rebellious phase in college and went for honey while I dyed my hair purple and listened to music that encouraged me to make irrational choices. Luckily, I found myself and some homemade strawberry jam before completely losing my mind and falling under the spell of bananas and marshmallow cream. I could make peanut butter and jam sandwiches in the dark. I could make them sleepwalking. I can make an entire loaf of bread into sandwiches in under two minutes. ( Use a spatula instead of a knife. Trust me .) I make peanut butter and jam sandwiches for breakfast and lunch and dinner and snacks and picnics and for saying, "Good job not getting in trouble for thr

Turkey Head Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make turkey sugar cookies that are perfect for Thanksgiving! I started making these cookies last weekend. I was pretty sure the world needed more "simple" Thanksgiving cookies. Because, let's be honest... PILGRIMS? That's like an eleventy million step cookie. Even if you only make one gender. And turkeys have all those feathers. And I don't even like feathers. Just thinking about all those colors and mixing and blending and time and steps and waiting and the dragging of toothpicks through the icing... I pretty much had to stop right there and buy a pumpkin pie. And then, of course, I had to find whip cream for that pie. And, you know, I might as well get the rest of the groceries on my list while I was at it. And I took some time out to feel sad about the wilty little green things that were masquerading as cucumbers. Poor summer vegetables in the winter. It's not really their fault. Not really. S

Cookie Cornucopia

My children have no concept of Thanksgiving. For as long as they've been alive, we've lived far from family. My oldest thinks that Thanksgiving means making turkeys out of cookies, candy and frosting. My middle child thinks it means meeting new friends. And my youngest child is still happy just living in the moment. She doesn't even realize her birthday is in 8 days. But for the first time in their little lives.... Thanksgiving is going to mean FAMILY. And food. Lots of food. AND -- I'm hosting it at my very own house! I'm so excited! And nervous. And of course, instead of worrying about the food or making sure I have enough chairs for everyone to sit on... I've been planning the centerpiece. And, I know this is going to be a bit of a shock for everyone... but it's going to be a COOKIE centerpiece. A cookie cornucopia, to be exact. It was actually a lot easier to construct than I thought it would be. Although, I will certainly do a few things differently

Baby Ducky Cookies -- Cookies and Cards

There just aren't enough reasons to make baby cookies. Can you believe that I've never once, in my entire history of cookie making, been asked to make baby cookies? No pregnancy announcement cookies, no gender reveals, no baby showers, no "Congratulations on Growing Another Human" cookies. Nothing. I've been asked to make wedding cookies. And Halloween cookies. And winter cookies. And cookies for someone who sells home loans. Maybe I just don't have the face for it. You know, like maybe people look at me and think, "Wow. I bet she makes a mean corporate cookie." What do you suppose a Baby Cookie Maker Person looks like anyway? Should I start wearing all pastels and pink blush on my cheeks? Because I'm kind of tired of forcing my baby cookie decorating services onto unsuspecting acquaintances. It usually goes something like this -- Person whose name I vaguely know, talking to another person I've never met -- "Yeah, I heard she is d

Glittered Fall Leaf Cookies

  You know what I love about making cakes and cookies? Getting to hang out with other cake and cookie people. And by that I mean virtually hanging out with you. You know, since I've met very few of you in person -- a fact that I attribute to my living on the other side of the world for most of my cookie decorating life. I'm *really* hoping to remedy this small tragedy next spring at Cookie Con . (If you don't know what I'm talking about, click on that link and find yourself in Happiness Land.) In the meantime, I kind of want to tell you all that when I started my life of sugar creations, I had a total Cake Crush on this super sweet and incredibly talented lady, Sharon Zambito . She completely revolutionized my butter cream cake world with her video, Perfecting The Art of Buttercream . I wanted to own it a hundred times. Perfectly smooth and crisp edges on every cake...  it was like a cotton-candy overload sugar induced coma dream of loveliness. She really was

More Resources

To anyone who has never decorated a cookie in their life -- You should. To anyone who wants desperately to understand the magic that is cookie decorating -- I made you something. It's this post. I gathered some of my favorite tutorials on the most basic and key parts of cookie decorating from the mystical world we call "The Internet" and put them all together right here for you to peruse as your time and attention span allow. And to those of you who couldn't stop decorating cookies even if your house fell over and you had to climb mountains and swim through rivers while being chased by an extinct animal from the Triassic Period for more powdered sugar -- I love you. You already know that. If I missed any great beginner tutorials, will you let me know? COOKIE DOUGH Vanilla Sugar Cookie with Sour Cream -- Cookie Crazie Vanilla Sugar Cookie with Powdered Sugar -- Sweet Sugarbelle Chocolate Sugar Cookie -- LilaLoa Vanilla Sugar Cookies -- LilaLoa R