St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Treasure Color Palette and Icing Color Formulas

Use this icing color palette and the formulas to make icing for your next St. Patrick's Day shamrock treasure cookie project!!  I used Chefmaster brand food coloring for all of these formulas.  If you're not sure what the "parts" mean, or how to use these formulas, check out THIS POST for detailed step-by-step photos!  See how I made all these shamrock treasure decorated sugar cookies HERE!! See more of my color palettes and formulas HERE! 

How To Make Decorated St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make some St. Patrick's Day shamrock and leprechaun treasure decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!  Did you know that March comes after February? Like... EVERY YEAR?!?! I don't know why this continues to be a surprise to me. I mean... I LOVE making Saint Patrick's Day cookies. I start thinking about them in January. (I'm not kidding. My neighbors wish I was kidding. ) You would think that at some point I would realize that the day after February is, in fact, March.  But somehow my brain continues to think that February will never ever, ever, ever, ever, under any circumstances actually end.