30+ Best Gift Ideas for Cookie Decorators

 Don't know what to get your favorite cookie decorator? I've got you covered with this cookie decorating gift guide! If I know one thing about cookie's that they fully support me in my quest to avoid laundry at all costs. But if I know a second's that they just NEVER. HAVE. ENOUGH. TIME. Maybe you've noticed this--you super-observant loved one.

How to Make Decorated Angel Cookies for Christmas

 Use this cookie decorating tutorial to make your own angel decorated sugar cookies for Christmas! I don't know why I love the idea of decorating for Christmas so much. I mean, it's not like those lights have somehow managed to learn to hang themselves perfectly about the house this year. They can't even get along for five minutes. They are always jumbled around in the box refusing to let go of each other even when you have CLEARLY STATED that you are going to send them to time-out if they don't stop fighting by the time you count to three. It's like they're not even listening.

How to Make Decorated Mistletoe Cookies for Christmas

 Use this cookie decorating tutorial to make your own mistletoe decorated sugar cookies for Christmas! Do you remember cell phones back in the late 90's? My favorite was the cellphone holster trend.  If you are under the age of high school, let me just explain this one to you -- you could get a pouch to clip on to your belt so your phone would always be at the ready. You opposed to now when it never leaves our hands.  I mean... can you even imagine what your life would be like if you had to waste those 2 seconds pulling it out of your pocket every time you wanted to check your Instagram stats?! And on top of also had to FLIP IT OPEN. Who's got time for THAT?!

Flash Post: LilaLoa for Ann Clark Turkey Cutter Giveaway!

Want one of these turkey cutters I designed for Ann Clark?! I've got THREE of them to give away! Just click on the Easy Entry button below by midnight tonight!! a Rafflecopter giveaway     (Not feeling lucky? You can snag one HERE .) See how I decorated it HERE and HERE .

How to Make Decorated Nutcracker Sugar Cookies

We have a wee bit of an inertia problem at our house. If my kids are already outside running around the neighborhood like the crazy wild people that they are -- they love it. Half way up a rock wall? BEST afternoon of their lives!! Seven hours into digging a hole to China with only spoons and a garden hose to assist them -- they need just five more minutes!! But when they are IN the house, lying on the furniture like motionless amoebas fighting off a robust case of eternal mono...there is absolutely no convincing them that any other way of living could possibly be acceptable.

How to Make Tin Soldier Decorated Cookies for Christmas

Someone please solve my parenting problems. The whining is REAL around here. Oh, did someone look at the popcorn bowl that you wanted but didn't actually even TOUCH  because they in fact do not even LIKE POPCORN??! That one look calls for loud wailing and flailing about on the kitchen floor as if someone were paying you by volume level and then refusing to eat the popcorn that you just asked for? Of course it does my dear. Of course it does.

How to Make Decorated Sugar Plum Fairy Cookies

It's my absolute favorite time of year. It's full of magic and hope and the promise of an entire day that isn't filled with whining and tales of certain death at the hand of broccoli and carrots and tantrums on the floor that rival a personal Cirque de Soleil performance. ( To be clear...personal Cirque de Soleil peformance = good...somewhat horrifying, but good. Giant tantrum of death and destruction = bad .) It is officially... THE CHRISTMAS TOY CATALOG SEASON!!!! (It's also the CHOCOLATE ALL THE THINGS SEASON and I won't complain about that one either.)

How to Make Decorated Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookies

Early in my marriage, my husband deployed to a war zone. He lived in what was then known as the most dangerous city on the planet. I read news article after news article. I saw pictures that I couldn't un-see. And I became emotionally paralyzed by the bad in the world, by the horrible tragedy happening at that very moment, at every moment. I cried for days for people I had never and would never meet.

Fantastic Find: Kid Chef BAKES

I know this isn't my usual type of Fantastic Find...but if you know me at know I've got about a million kids around here. And by " a million, " I of course mean " four ." Or more. Some days my kitchen is just full of kids. And I absolutely love when they are interested in cookies or baking...or making anything kind of food at all for themselves. So a baking book for kids seemed like it would fit right in at my house.