Garden Wedding Color Palette and Icing Formulas

Use this icing color palette and the formulas to make icing for your next garden flower cookie project!!  I used Chefmaster brand food coloring for all of these formulas.  If you're not sure what the "parts" mean, or how to use these formulas, check out THIS POST for detailed step-by-step photos!  When I make very light or pale icing colors, I mix the food coloring into a very small amount of icing (2 tablespoons) first and then use that saturated icing to color the rest of my icing. (Check out THIS POST for details.) NEED MORE?? Get the cutters:  Rose Flower ,  Dress ,  Heart ,  "Love" ,  Bow ,  Ring with Bow ,  Single Leaf , and  Segmented Leaf/Blossom Bunch . (The large scribble flower is the Sweet Sugarbelle Sunflower cutter that is no longer in production. The scribble tulips were hand cut.) See how I made the whimsy rose flower cookies HERE!! See more of my color palettes and formulas HERE! 

How to Make Simple Garden Flower Decorated Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make some easy and simple garden wedding flower decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!   I went to a wedding last weekend in a garden. It was beautiful. The flowers were beautiful. The bride was gorgeous. And my be perfectly children we're actually unbelievably amazing. That NEVER happens. Especially at the end of a summer vacation in which they are squished together because we are remodeling forever and it will never ever be done for a hundred years. (Or so it would seem.) You guys.