Cupcake Cookies

There is this game called " Buying Groceries With Children ." Any of you guys played it? It's got life-like graphics and sound effects, and apparently its an old classic, because even my parents played it for awhile when they were younger. I think there's an app for it now.   Basically you have to get from " the car " all the way through " the check-out lane " and then back to " the car " without screaming, crying, injuries, or loss of a child AND you have get every item on your list without getting any junk food. I'm awful at it. I've never made it past Level One.   One (or more) of the children always end up crying. Usually because one (or more) of the other children have hit them. And then the other one hits back and they are both crying which makes the baby cry because she just wants everyone to get along. And the guy back at the meat counter starts walking out front like he legitimately thinks something is wro

Under The Sea Cookies

As I was standing in the check-out line today, aside from thinking about how weird it is that they sell super glue and candy right next to each other, and also about how they never sell my favorite candy  at the register anymore and how candy has kind of morphed into these weird size packages that you feel guilty buying because they are too big for one person to comfortably eat in front of another human being...but if you share, then everyone ends up with like 12 M&Ms and nobody's happy. Except, maybe the candy company. Aside from that, I was also kind of thinking about buying a farm. But not living on it. I want someone else to live on it. And take care of it, and feed the animals and fix things that get broken.  I just want to know that I am not going to run out of butter and eggs. A farm seems like a perfectly legitimate solution to me.    Before I moved here, my neighbor kept a rooster in the back of their truck in the parking lot. So...I'm pretty much a chic

Colored Pencil Cookies

Did you guys know they still use pencils to write with in kindergarten??!! They used those things when I went to school! And for comparison sake...I also had floppy disks and played Oregon Trail. And died of Diphtheria every single time I played it. I never made it past Kansas.   I kind of thought by this time though, they would have invented better technology for kindergartners. Like a really cool headband (that also has to be very soft and perhaps quite stylish) that could catch their very brilliant thoughts and laser print them into some leather bound journal called " My Very Brilliant Thoughts " without them having to hold some chewed up piece of wood and graphite in their little hands. That's not very hygienic. And I try to teach my kids good hygiene. You know, like...don't chew on your own shoes. (It's a work in progress.)   Since I threw out all the pencils in our house during The Great Pencil Rebellion though, I have to find some more to

Let's talk about HUE. -- Color Experiment

Let me just say something first that has nothing to do with cookies or color or anything really that you would ever care about -- I am a vegetarian. Now that we've gotten that out of the way....Let's talk about South Korea again, shall we? When we first moved here, going out to restaurants was like a game of Chance. My husband and I would randomly point at items on the menu and hope we liked it. (For the record, we are, in fact, reasonably sane adults that have somehow made it to this point in our lives by making actual decisions.) We just didn't speak Korean. We had no way of knowing what we would end up with. My husband got octopus and I got something that looked like spaghetti but instead of tomato sauce, it was hot red pepper sauce. We have also ordered neck bone soup, intestines, and once we even ordered a hot dog without realizing it. I may have lost 12 pounds in the first 2 months that we lived here. We eventually figured out how to read Korean and then each tim

Butterfly Cookies -- Cookies and Cards

There is a bit of a pencil mutiny at my house this week. It started with one of the brightly patterned school pencils. My 5 year old told me that something was wrong with it and he didn't want to tell me what it was. I automatically assumed that he had A) jammed it into some unknown crevice in our house just to see if it would fit and now couldn't get it out or B) it had magically written itself all over our newly painted white walls. Neither option was desirable. After chasing him around the house and under the kitchen table, I discovered that a short piece of the graphite core had broken and come out. Trying to stay calm under the pressure, we solved the immediate crisis with a pencil sharpener, only for that wily pencil to turn right around and break off another chunk of itself. I'm a pretty determined person, and I don't like to lose. So I sharpened it again. And again. And again. And then I threw it in the garbage while my child wasn't looking. But the