Cupcake Cookies

Decorated birthday themed sugar cookies - cupcake, balloon, and candle

There is this game called "Buying Groceries With Children." Any of you guys played it? It's got life-like graphics and sound effects, and apparently its an old classic, because even my parents played it for awhile when they were younger. I think there's an app for it now.

Basically you have to get from "the car" all the way through "the check-out lane" and then back to "the car" without screaming, crying, injuries, or loss of a child AND you have get every item on your list without getting any junk food. I'm awful at it. I've never made it past Level One.

One (or more) of the children always end up crying. Usually because one (or more) of the other children have hit them. And then the other one hits back and they are both crying which makes the baby cry because she just wants everyone to get along. And the guy back at the meat counter starts walking out front like he legitimately thinks something is wrong with one (or more) of my children. So to avoid an all-out confrontation I start speed-shopping to another lane where he can't see me and at the same time becoming insanely interested in how much protein is in a can of boiled spinach while at the same time promising my children snacks made entirely of preservatives and sugar and red dye 40 which never actually works until I show them the bag and they are clutching it to their tear streaked little faces. And even then, it only buys me another 7 minutes. And when the guy at the meat counter comes walking around the corner again, I just head for the door. I am never going to save the princess.

But I am going to make cupcake cookies. I mean, I did. I made these ones. And you can too. You know, if you want to.

1. Start by outlining the top of the cupcake with thick white icing and a #3 tip. It seemed kind of complicated to me so I made a super-cryptic drawing to make it even more complicated. Let me know if you figure it out and save the princess. I'll be hiding behind the mustard greens.

2. After the outline has dried a bit, fill it in. Use a 15 count icing for that puffy-reminds-me-of-dairy-queen look. (Or is that just me?)
3. Outline the bottom half and let it dry for an hour or so.
4. Fill it in with 15 count blue icing. Be careful not to overfill.
5. Add some dots while it is still wet.

6. (Not pictured) Eat.
7. Repeat.


Get the cutters: CUPCAKE, CANDLE, and BALLOON.

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