Space Cake

As I've said before -- late nights/early mornings are a real thing for me these days. I don't think I've EVER seen that side of midnight so many days in a row before. Not even in college. We would have loud parties at our house that involved half of the young-adult population of my town and made us un-friends with the neighbors and I would be downstairs, in my bed, sleeping. And I'm not just saying that because I know my mom reads my blog --  I LIKE TO SLEEP. Anyway...up late with a newborn for days on end... About 4 days ago she started actually sleeping. I was SO excited until I realized that my oldest child was having a birthday party on Saturday and...I still had to make cookies and a cake. The cookies were easy. The cake, however, I put off until the last possible minute. For two reasons. One -- I'm really good at putting things off until the last possible minute. And two -- actually, there was only one reason. So at 3am the morning of his party (and not

Space Cookies

I'm not a good Let-It-Goer. Maybe its because of my magnetic personality. Things just don't want to leave. I have to force them away. Its too much work. I can't do it. Remember that snowman celebration back  in January? I had one more cookie I wanted to make. It didn't happen. But guess what? I STILL HAVE THAT COOKIE. Its still in my "to decorate" cookie box. If I let it go, it would be like giving up on it. That poor, helpless cookie that never did anything wrong, never spoke up out of turn or got things messy or sat down in the middle of the parking lot, started screaming and refused to come with me even though my hands were completely full and I had no way of picking up said...umm....cookie and taking it into the building. I can't just walk away from innocence like that. That cookie is not going anywhere. For the record-- I also don't walk away from chewy chocolate chip cookies. Anyway, these cookies are a prime example of my not letting-i

Let's talk about eyeballs.

So...I put eyeballs on cookies. I'm usually kind of weirded out by food that looks at me. I don't really know how I got to this point in my cookie decorating life. I mean, I never meant to be an Eyeball Cookie Maker. I remember the first eyeball cookies. I was thinking, "Just this one time won't hurt. I don't have to do it again." But then, I LIKED it. A lot. I tried to stop thinking about it. I started actually doing my laundry just so I could distract myself. I contacted relatives I hadn't talked to in years. I even renewed my efforts to learn Korean. For a few months, I thought I had moved on. But then the late nights started to wear on me. Staring into the blackness in the early hours, I started thinking about those eyeball cookies. So I made just one more. Just ONE more eyeball cookie and then I would move on for real.  Except that now I can't move on. They moved into my cookie decorating closet and are holed up in the corner. Literally. In mu

St. Patrick's Day Cookies

I was going to say something funny and educational and totally informative in a way that would stick with you for the rest of your life. And you would love me forever. And totally print out pictures of my cookies and my big ol' huge head and tape them over the gorgeous Caribbean Island photos in your calendar, just so you could remember how much you like me on a daily basis. But I didn't because I got tired. Like, actually tired. Okay, look -- I haven't really slept in kind of a long time. All 3 of my children have apparently been talking to each other and have decided that they will get up at random, yet completely spaced out intervals through out the night. I think they are trying to get more movie time, but they haven't really given me a list of their demands yet, so there's nothing I can do about it. So I was thinking that maybe today can be kind of like casual Friday except that its not Friday, and there are no jeans involved. At all. Because reall

Spring Cookies

So, one day this week I walked outside and the wind didn't immediately bite me. I'm going to call that spring and will commence to celebrate it. Dear SPRING --   I'm having a party in your honor. Please come.  Love,  Your biggest fan,  No, seriously, I'm like your biggest fan in the entire world,  Georganne PS -- I have a blog and I'm making you cookies. You should check them out. They will totally be worth the trip. PPS -- You don't have to RSVP or anything but it would be super thoughtful if you did.  PPPS -- I know that you don't really get along with winter that well. So I didn't invite him. Promise. I know how he gets all in your face and just won't go away sometimes. I get that. He does it to me too. I've got your back and I'm ordering a jillion space heaters. That usually keeps him at bay. Just say you'll come. PPPPS -- Did I mention that I'm a HUGE, big fan of you? (But not in a way that you should be scared of

Saltwater Buttercream Cookies

If you weren't with me this time last year....I revealed a super big secret on Valentine's Day. And I'm not going to repeat myself, so you're just going to have to scroll back through the last year and...okay, I'm just kidding. On basically every account. You can click here for the post. But honestly, I just rambled on for kind of a while and showed super weird pictures of cookies decorated with butter cream that did not look at all appetizing unless you were 3 years old. Oh, and my whole point was that my mom always made butter cream Valentine's Day cookies. And they were nearly as big as my head. Or the state of Indiana. So, you know pretty much the same size either way. And I feel it is important that my own children get to experience this Valentine tradition. Without it, they could totally grow up to be responsible broccoli eating citizens, never knowing how their stark, sprinkle free lives could be different. I can't take that risk. And then I w

Wild Thing Valentine Cookies

I spend a lot of time awake between the hours of midnight and 5am these days. I wouldn't really call it quality awake time, but to be honest, I don't mind it so much. I can reload my facebook page endlessly -- while hoping that THIS TIME someone has left me a message -- to my heart's content. And I can eat ice cream straight from the container with the freezer door open and everything. Also, hypothetically, if I wanted to, I could do a work out video without anyone judging my complete lack of coordination. Sometimes I just stare at the wall though. And dream about sleeping. Its actually kind of disturbing to think about how often I choose that option. Anyway last night while NOT working out at 3 am, I had this great idea. And let me just tell you, that I've had enough "good" ideas at 3am over the past couple of months to know by now that I need to just leave it alone until morning. But last night I threw caution to the wind and just went with it.

XOXO striped cookies

I am in LOVE ( Like-love. Not love-love .) with make ahead royal icing details right now! As if you couldn't tell by the Fuzzy Heart eyeballs or the Tiled Hearts or ALL the eyeball creations coming 'round my blog this week. Oh! And the heart cookies yesterday. (Seriously, I may need an intervention soon. Please keep that in mind my dear Sugar Sisters. ) Well, these cookies are no exception. I made the Xs, the Os, and the hearts the day before. Or two days before. I lose track of time often. Especially when I have really cool things to do. Like taking a nap. And then I just whipped up some cookies and stuck them on top. It was easier than...umm...doing something else that is really easy. So, you know, on a scale of easy to hard I would put it right next to eating cotton candy off a stick. Not the kind in the bag. Cotton candy on a stick and cotton candy in a bag are two very different things. Please don't be confused.  Oooh, I have the BEST idea ever. I'm totally