Spring Cookies

So, one day this week I walked outside and the wind didn't immediately bite me. I'm going to call that spring and will commence to celebrate it.

Dear SPRING -- 

 I'm having a party in your honor. Please come. 

Your biggest fan, 
No, seriously, I'm like your biggest fan in the entire world, 

PS -- I have a blog and I'm making you cookies. You should check them out. They will totally be worth the trip.

PPS -- You don't have to RSVP or anything but it would be super thoughtful if you did. 

PPPS -- I know that you don't really get along with winter that well. So I didn't invite him. Promise. I know how he gets all in your face and just won't go away sometimes. I get that. He does it to me too. I've got your back and I'm ordering a jillion space heaters. That usually keeps him at bay. Just say you'll come.

PPPPS -- Did I mention that I'm a HUGE, big fan of you? (But not in a way that you should be scared of me at night or hide your children from me or anything. Just in the kind of way that I will cheer for you EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you come. Every time. How can you resist that?) (Don't think of ways to resist that. Just come.) (And bring the sun with you. I sure miss that guy.)

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