Fantastic Find Friday -- Compostable Cookie Bags

A few weeks ago on my Facebook page, I asked where everyone ordered their cookie bags from. The most common answers were Nashville Wraps and Gifts International .  Christine from Bakerloo Station mentioned that she uses the compostable and biodegradable bags from Nashville Wraps . SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT WITH COOKIES??!! I pretty much had to try them. The first thing that I noticed is that they take up A LOT more space than the other bags I use. Do you see that stack in the back left corner? That's only 100 bags. I was concerned with how well they would seal with an impulse sealer. I was a little worried that they would turn into a melted mess all over the place. But, you know, science and all... And as it turns out, they were actually easier to seal and cut than my regular cello bags. Not that cello bags are difficult to seal. But you know how they kind of stick to the impulse sealer just a little bit sometimes? These bags didn't do that. And they cut rea

Decorated Fairies and Mushroom Cookies

I know that pretty much the entire world is trying to dig themselves out of the "worst winter storm ever" and that it's "freezing-er than it ever has been in the history of ever " where you live. But where I live, which just happens to be minutes from 4 different snow skiing resorts in the MOUNTAINS in Utah...we're having a bit of a heat wave. We haven't seen snow since December. Not in the air, not on the ground, not even that little pile my son moved into the shadows so it would last until summer. My kids are going to school in their jackets, and I'm not even giving them the judgmental " I don't approve of your decision, but you're old enough to make it and reap the consequences " look. And by that I really mean the " Oh my goodness, I am not going to fight you over your jacket and make everyone late one more time " look. I even saw a rational, sane adult wearing shorts. At night. I happened to be married to him, so ag

Fantastic Find Friday -- Mini Turntable

I'm kind of loving this whole "Fantastic Find Friday" thing. I get to totally justify trying out all the new products with no guilt attached. And then I get to share them with YOU! Today's Fantastic Find are these mini turntables from Webb Wood Design. It's a double-sided red cedar turn table with the most amazing ball bearings I've ever seen. My turntable has a 6" round side and underneath is a 3.5" square side. You can also get one with a 7" square side instead of the small square. The top of the turntable is about 1.75 inches above the table or counter. Which turns out to be pretty much the most comfortable height ever for decorating. Who knew, right? This little gem is pretty self-explanatory. You put the cookie on it and you can spin or rotate it any way you want to. I haven't tried it, but part of me wants to fill a cookie with icing and then just spin it as fast as I can. Just to see what happens. You know, science and all tha

Love Note Cookies

I think my couplers are staging a coup. At first I just thought that I had just lost a few of them. And then more disappeared and I realized that they must be gathering in the dark corners of my cookie cabinet. I wasn't too worried to begin with. I mean, they're couplers, right? I'll just replace them. But they must have spies amongst the piping bags because as soon as I ordered new ones, some of my piping bags ran off to join them. And everyone knows that it's only a matter of time until my PME tips get called out and have to make a choice between me and standing up with their friends. And I love my PME tips. I take such good care of them. They would never make it in the wild. They have no survival skills. They wouldn't last one day without being patted dry and carefully placed in an airtight box. I'm starting to panic. I've tried calling a truce and asking the couplers to come out and settle this dispute woman to coupler. But I think they are lying

Antique Metal Cookies

I have some serious issues with dirty cookies. I mean, just the thought of germs being friends with my cookies gives me the heeby jeebies and makes me want to cry into my half-eaten bowl of chocolate puffs. If I even LOOK in the bathroom, I have to wash my hands. And I live in a HOUSE. We have bathrooms. I wash my hands a lot. A LOT. And it's winter time. And not the whimsical dancing snowflakes in the afternoon sun kind of winter. I'm talking the angry wind that wants to tear my house down and steal all my good stuff type of winter. So that means that my hands are turning on themselves instead of the germs. It's not my favorite thing. The irony is that while I'm so desperate to keep my cookie clean and sanitary, I can't stop myself from making them *dirty* at the same time. I finish a nice orderly set of cookies and all I want to do is muddy them up with luster dust or paint these keys...more icing. It's a disease really. Which reminds me...