Decorated Fairies and Mushroom Cookies

Mushroom Cookie Tutorial

I know that pretty much the entire world is trying to dig themselves out of the "worst winter storm ever" and that it's "freezing-er than it ever has been in the history of ever" where you live. But where I live, which just happens to be minutes from 4 different snow skiing resorts in the MOUNTAINS in Utah...we're having a bit of a heat wave. We haven't seen snow since December. Not in the air, not on the ground, not even that little pile my son moved into the shadows so it would last until summer. My kids are going to school in their jackets, and I'm not even giving them the judgmental "I don't approve of your decision, but you're old enough to make it and reap the consequences" look. And by that I really mean the "Oh my goodness, I am not going to fight you over your jacket and make everyone late one more time" look. I even saw a rational, sane adult wearing shorts. At night. I happened to be married to him, so look. Personally, I'm not about to put on shorts. I mean...shorts? What?! I thought I still had 6 more weeks before I had to feel all awkward about the shape of those things. And also because I've been fighting off a life-sucking demon all week. And by that I mean "the common cold."

But on the plus side, I've decided to embrace spring and stop looking over my shoulder for winter to come back. Yes, I know that means it will probably snow again next weekend and I'll regret this entire thought process. But if it's here, I am just going to ENJOY it. Do you hear that winter?! I don't want you back! You had your chance. I'm planning my garden and making spring cookies. So there.

Luckily, my decision came just in time for my Cookies and Cards day where I get to snag some fabulous design off my cousin's paper crafting blog -- Simply Pam -- and turn it into a cookie. And since I've already decreed it spring and I was making fairy cookies, I figured I might as well make those mushroom cookies from a bell cutter that I've been dying to make since Christmas.

1. Use the bottom of a heart cutter to make a triangle shape for the stem. And then cut that same shape out of the bell cutter and mush them together before baking.
2. Outline the top of the mushroom with thick pink icing and a #3 tip.
3. Fill it in with thin pink icing and then immediately make an oval with dark pink icing and some dots with white icing. Let it dry for 20 minutes.
4. Add a stem with medium thick gray icing.
5. You could just leave it at that, or you can outline the top with dark pink icing and a #3 tip.


Go see what cookie my cousin made into a card HERE.

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