Lords-A-Leaping and Korea Tour Day 10

WANTED -- One bed time assistant. Must be available to sing songs until thoroughly sick of them, brush very small teeth multiple times, and perform repeated tuck-ins Monday through Friday. Endless drink retrievals and finding of lost stuffed animals is an absolute must. Experience preferred but not necessary. Starting salary will be paid in sugar cookies and sticky smiles. Please don't apply. Just come over. Like now. Now would be a great time for you to start. If my kids don't start going to bed...and I mean going to bed for real , not just for pretend or for 5 minutes... I'm going to start bribing them with cookies. Oh wait, I already do . So...anyone want a job? I'll give you this cookie. I'll even make a fresh one with sticky icing if you want it. Steps 1 through 4 -- outline the cookie with thick black icing and a #2 tip. Orient the design by starting the outline on the shorts. Then do the hat and the face. Put some lines in the shorts. (Would these be

Ladies Dancing and Korea Tour Day 9

Nine ladies dancing. NINE of them. That's nearly 12. Only 3 more days and the countdown will be over. This is a real countdown friends. This is not a drill. This is not a joke.  It should not come as a surprise to you at this point in our blogging-internet-relationship-life-thing.... but I live in South Korea. And I mail Christmas presents. It's what I do. At least, it's what I do in November. I have to get my presents mailed by December 3rd for them to have any hope of actually arriving at their intended destination before the big day of love and giving. (And also eating of chocolates. It's a tradition at our house. I may have started it.) I have 3 more days. And 3 more blog posts. And then I shall have a large party at my house with ice cream and chocolate and I will call it The Annual Celebration Of All Presents Purchased .  And then I'll have a giveaway on my blog so you can be excited with me. Apparently, ruffles are kind of a big deal for dancers. At l

Maids-A-Milking and Korea Tour Day 8

These cookies are starting to give me a complex. I just looked at the list of gifts I want to give my husband and so far it includes socks and a book. It's not that I don't love him. It's just that...well... I hate feathers, so that takes the first 4 days right off the list. And he doesn't like gold, so I won't be getting him those rings. And then we're back to the feather conundrum. And I can't hire 8 maids to do our milking because we don't even have a farm. Or cows. Or an actual backyard for that matter. Do you think that banana pudding counts as a gift? I could get him some of that. Then I would have THREE things on the list. Maybe I'll just re-wrap some of his gifts from last year and see if he notices. I bet that would stretch it to FIVE gifts at least. That's almost like 12. I an very nearly as good of a gift giver as this anonymous foul-fancying-song-singing-gift-giving-giver of true love Christmas gifts. At least my gifts don't

Christmas Card Cookies

So this one time, I started making cookies in the middle of the winter. And loved them. And then hated everything about cookies two weeks later because I just knew I would never be any good at it.. And I thought about giving it up and going back to my life without icing on my pants and color gel on my fingers. I thought about the late nights and early mornings I could reclaim, the sleep that would come back to me, the designs that would stop floating in and out of my dreams and all the healthy food my children would begin to eat. But mostly I thought about how much I felt like a complete cookie failure. After at least 12 minutes of self pity, the kindest person in the world...and the ONLY person in the world that sends me legitimate emails with the word "dear" in the title... told me to stop being the whining me and start being the cookie making me again. So I did. And then a few weeks ago she also told me she had this great idea for a cookie project and that I shou

Swans-A-Swimming and Korea Tour Day 7

Has anyone ever successfully retrieved a splinter with a pair of tweezers? Because... I haven't. Yet, every single time I even think the word "splinter" I head for those unwieldy pieces of metal stuck together at one end that masquerade as helpful tools of splinter removing. But they are trickers, taunting me with their little pinchers that don't actually pinch. Sometimes I think I would have more success trying to pull out that splinter with my toes than with a pair of tweezers. Also, why do we have to call it a "pair" of tweezers? The sides are clearly not matching as evidenced by their inability to line up and work together at the exact point you need them to. They should be called an un-pair of tweezers. Also, in case you are wondering, I have a splinter. And I find it annoying. And not at all enjoyable. And I can't possibly make cookies when I'm annoyed. But you could. If you wanted to. I wouldn't mind watching you. Except, I mean, I