Lords-A-Leaping and Korea Tour Day 10

WANTED -- One bed time assistant. Must be available to sing songs until thoroughly sick of them, brush very small teeth multiple times, and perform repeated tuck-ins Monday through Friday. Endless drink retrievals and finding of lost stuffed animals is an absolute must. Experience preferred but not necessary. Starting salary will be paid in sugar cookies and sticky smiles. Please don't apply. Just come over. Like now. Now would be a great time for you to start. If my kids don't start going to bed...and I mean going to bed for real, not just for pretend or for 5 minutes... I'm going to start bribing them with cookies. Oh wait, I already do. So...anyone want a job? I'll give you this cookie. I'll even make a fresh one with sticky icing if you want it.

Steps 1 through 4 -- outline the cookie with thick black icing and a #2 tip. Orient the design by starting the outline on the shorts. Then do the hat and the face. Put some lines in the shorts. (Would these be considered pantaloons?) Add some legs and shoes and then the chest. Leave a small gap for the arm. Add the two arms (and hands) next and finish off by outlining that cape in the remaining area.

5. Fill in some of the areas.
6. Then fill in the others. Let it all dry overnight.
7. Add some rosy pink little cheeks, tiny black dots for eyes and a cute little nose.


I am not going to lie to you. I love eating out in Korea. It took me a long time to get to that point because all of their restaurants look like this. Some are even worse. Like the one that has a picture of a cow on the front of it.

Or...this one. This really is a restaurant. I'm not kidding you.

So is this one. Can you guess what they sell? Okay, okay... it's Dominoes Pizza. Notice the mayo decorations and the fact that french fries are a legitimate pizza topping here. Also... all pizzas have corn on them. Even the ones that you order with nothing on them. 

Vegetable foods are relatively inexpensive here compared to the food in the US when I left there.. I can get a hot sweet potato sandwich for around  $1. And a giant bowl or rice and vegetables for $4-5 dollars in a restaurant like this. Outdoor dining room anyone?

Side dishes are a big thing here. They always have at least 3. Even if you go to a food store and get some cheap kimbap (Korean version of sushi... they sell it in a roll for about $1.) they will at least throw in some pickled turnips.

This is lunch for 3 people. THREE people. And...we might have actually eaten most of it. I love Korean food. Have I mentioned that?

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