Hi! My name is Georganne Bell and I make a ridiculous amount of decorated sugar cookies simply because I want to.

The End.

Just kidding. It was only the beginning. Actually...if we're being super honest, the beginning was a long time before that. It actually started with cakes. **gasp** I know. My husband deployed for 15 months. I had a 9 month old child and NOTHING but time. Someone sent me a link to a YouTube video of someone making a 3D baby cake. You know the one where it looks like an ACTUAL child? It was horrifying. And I couldn't stop watching. I watched the entire video. And then just kept clicking on the "next video" button. I couldn't pull myself away. Three days later, I was pretty certain that I was an expert at making cakes.

I made some crazy cakes. 3D cakes were my favorite. Some of them were colossal failures...but for the most part, I was weirdly good at putting sugar and butter together in ways that were completely recognizable and mildly impressive. My husband returned from his deployment and we moved around a bunch.

We eventually ended up in South Korea for a time. It is not an understatement to say that baked goods aren't very big in South Korea. In fact, most apartments didn't even have ovens. My husband was (rightfully) very pleased with himself that he managed find an apartment with an actual oven.

Except that...this oven turned out to be roughly the size of an Easy-Bake oven. My 9X13 pan couldn't even fit inside it. So I gave up on cakes and turned to cookies to solve all my problems.

And they did.

And THAT, my friends, was the real beginning of this crazy cookie decorating journey.

(Is it weird that I have a section for FAQs on a page about ME?! I think it's weird.)

1. Where did the name LilaLoa come from?  

People ask me all the time how I came up with the name LilaLoa. And the truth is...I am basically a child. After a long weekend of travel and delayed/canceled flights and not sleeping, I was riding in a car at 3am across the plains in Colorado and contemplating names for future children. My sleep deprivation turned names into the sum of their sounds and I found myself saying things like "Lee-Lee-La-Loh-La" while staring out the window at the vague shapes of the Colorado plains. I somehow landed on the sounds of "Lie-Luh Low-Uh" and determined that would be the name of my first child if it was a girl. Luckily I had a boy and he dodged that bullet. So I gave the name to my newly born blog instead. 😂😂