Pearl Star Cookies -- A Quick Addition to ANY Set of Cookies!!!

Sometimes cookies stress me out. Usually it happens when I realize I haven't even started on them and it's already 8pm the night before the cookies are needed, which is usually also the same day that the entire neighborhood is coming over to celebrate a Victorian Tea themed birthday party for my 3 year old daughter that includes period costumes for everyone and coincidentally, also turns out to be the same weekend I intend to climb Mt. Everest...blindfolded. So you know...not a lot going on besides cookies. I've come to really appreciate the under appreciated cookie designs. You know, the ones that will never be the hero and save the princess from the dragon in the castle. Just the regular, working class cookie designs that make sure everyone gets where they need to go safely but no one realizes how crazy important they are until suddenly all the flights in the entire country are grounded for days and you're stranded at the airport with no way to get home an

How to Make Decorated Pear Cookies -- Video Tutorial

Learn how to make some gorgeous pear decorated sugar cookies for fall or Thanksgiving with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!! It's barely the middle of October and I'm already tired of making pumpkin cookies. All that orange. And the segments. And THEN you have to go and pipe a stem on top. A STEM. Like I've got time to go around piping stems on top of pumpkins. I've already got weeks worth of laundry piling up and now I've got to be worrying myself about pumpkin stems? I don't think so. I'm never going to make it through November. And it's definitely too early to skip ahead to Christmas. I mean, it's not even cool enough to turn off my air conditioner.  I absolutely refuse to get in the Christmas spirit until I can open a window and not feel the urge to bathe in popsicles. (Blue case you were wondering.) It's time to do something drastic. We're just going to have to start a revolution. A PEAR revolution! Pleas

Bride of Frankenstein Cookies

You know how kids get super tired, but they don't really understand tired yet, so they just end up falling asleep in the weirdest places? My son was like that. He fell asleep on some pizza once. But right before that happened, he kept trying to pick it up with the handle end of his fork. When he couldn't get that to work, he looked down and finally realized what he was doing. He started crying and asked, "What's happening to me?!" 20 seconds later, he was out cold and didn't even wake up when his dad opened a bag of candy. And you *know* how kids have cellophane crinkling radar. I feel like that right now. Tired beyond normal reasoning...yes. Wishing I was eating pizza...yes. But mostly -- What's happening to me??!! It's already October 7th and this is my first Halloween post of the year??!! Remember when I used to start posting Halloween cookies in August ? Sigh... the good old days. When I actually posted the cookies I made. Because... if we&