Bride of Frankenstein Cookies

Decorated Halloween Cookies Tutorial

You know how kids get super tired, but they don't really understand tired yet, so they just end up falling asleep in the weirdest places? My son was like that. He fell asleep on some pizza once. But right before that happened, he kept trying to pick it up with the handle end of his fork. When he couldn't get that to work, he looked down and finally realized what he was doing. He started crying and asked, "What's happening to me?!" 20 seconds later, he was out cold and didn't even wake up when his dad opened a bag of candy. And you *know* how kids have cellophane crinkling radar.

I feel like that right now. Tired beyond normal reasoning...yes. Wishing I was eating pizza...yes. But mostly -- What's happening to me??!! It's already October 7th and this is my first Halloween post of the year??!! Remember when I used to start posting Halloween cookies in August? Sigh... the good old days. When I actually posted the cookies I made. Because... if we're just spouting out truth here tonight... I've made a bunch of Halloween cookies already. And also.... I haven't done laundry since before CookieCon. We're down to purple leggings and zebra tank tops for pajamas. (Not daughter.) (I'm not telling you what my pajamas look like. That's just weird.) But I'm determined to get them posted in the next few weeks. The Halloween cookies, not the pajamas. Why are you so curious about my pajamas anyway?!

You should be curious about these Bride of Frankenstein Halloween cookies!!! They are SO crazy easy and quick to make! AND they were inspired by my cousin's fun Halloween card!! My 2 favorite kinds of cookie!

Decorated Halloween Cookies Tutorial

1. Using a medium consistency green icing and a #3 tip, outline and fill a very rounded almost heart shaped face. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes.
2. Use medium consistency white icing to give her a white streak in her hair. Let that dry for another 15 minutes.
3. (This is my favorite step.) Outline and fill the hair part of the cookie with purple icing. Immediately sprinkle with purple sanding sugar. I used light purple sanding sugar so it would look kind of sparkly. I like sparkly. Let the cookie dry for at least 30-40 minutes before dumping off the excess sanding sugar.
4. Use medium consistency black icing and a #1.5 tip to give our lady eyes and red icing and a # 1.5 tip to give her a heart shaped little mouth. use a food color maker to draw eyebrows, a nose, and a mouth line.


Go see my super talented paper creative cousin's blog -- SIMPLY PAM'S CREATIONS to find out which one of my cookies she made into a card!

You can get the cutter I used from Whisked Away Cutters. Or an exclamation cutter from TMP would work as well. I got the spider web stencil from The Cookie Countess.

You can check out how I made Frankenstein cookies HERE.

Or go see how see how Callye made them over at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.

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