St. Patrick's Day.... it's the new...umm, St. Patrick's Day.

I am nearing the end of my sojourn in South Korea, my friends. I have turned my oven on and off again for the last time. I have exploded my last bag of powdered sugar all over my kitchen while mixing icing at high speeds. I think it would be safe to say that I have eaten my last black bean pizza crust stuffed with sweet potato filling that also has mayo and corn drizzled on top. I have walked my last rice paddy and bought my last corner store cantaloupe ice cream on a stick. I have not, however, pushed my way through the last mob of ladies trying to simultaneously bundle up and pat my young children. I still have two Korean airports to get through. Nor have I said my last " annyeonghi gyeseyo "( goodbye) because secretly, I'm hoping to connect with some Koreans in America. And in this dream, I also speak much better Korean just by virtue of returning to my home country. Yesterday, as I tore my grocery list off the pad of paper for my very last shopping trip, I notic

Vanilla 2.0 -- A Sugar Cookie Recipe

This soft and chewy vanilla sugar recipe does not require chilling and will not spread!!! Remember that one time I mentioned that I have updates to my "other" vanilla cookie recipe? And then I never posted them? And I am a bad friend? Yikes! I am going to post the changes as a new recipe. You can see the original HERE ... or just forget about it and use this one every day for the rest of your life. (What? You don't make cookies every day?) Check out my favorite baking tool recommendations HERE .  Author: Georganne Bell Print With Image Without Image Vanilla 2.0 A soft and chewy no-chill and no-spread vanilla roll out sugar cookie recipe. Prep time: 15 M Cook time: 30 M Total time: 45 M Ingredients: 1 cup slightly softened unsalted butter (227 grams) 1 cup packed light brown sugar (200 grams) 1/2 cup granulated white sugar (100 grams) 2 large eggs (100 grams) 2 teaspoons vanilla (10 grams) 3/4 teaspoon salt (4 grams) 1/4 teaspoon ba

A whole bunch of St. Patrick's Day

In case you haven't heard, there is a pretty big holiday coming up. It's full of magic and rainbows and tricky little tricking type people. Clothing and pancakes and elaborate household decorations just turn up green with no explanation. Regular old meals like mac and cheese are replaced with corned beef and cabbage. There is pinching. And hidden treasures. And shamrocks. And four leaf clovers. And also.... a jillion or so cookies. As it turns out... I'm going to be a smidgeon busy in the upcoming weeks. You know, since I'm moving across the world and all with my 3 small children. And I might not have time for a jillion or so cookies. So I was thinking that maybe I could show you these for now and we can just see what happens tomorrow. Also, I was totally going to play this off all nonchal Also... I'm kind of, a little bit pleased to tell you that this picture is completely CLICKABLE! Click on any picture and it will take you to the appropriate

It's Your Day, Mr. President Cookie

Today started out just like any other day... with a child crying. And then multiple children crying. And then me pretending like I can't hear them crying. And then one of them climbed onto my bed from the end all the way to the top. And took all the pillows. And half of the blanket. And if this day was like every other day that would have been the end of struggle for sleep. But today wasn't just like any other day. Today is a HOLIDAY. My husband doesn't have to work. And my child doesn't have to go to school. And breakfast doesn't have to be made and coerced into anyone's tiny little tummy. And I don't have to run around searching for matching socks and collecting library books. And best of all... my husband has an even lower tolerance level for children in the bed than I do. And that means... I totally pretended like I was still sleeping and he got up and found teddy bears and blankets and glasses of milk for my darling young children. And I got to sleep

Simple Brush Embroidery Hearts

I don't hate technology. I'm just not any good at it. My phone can take pictures and call people. It cannot give me directions to the nearest hotel or sling unhappy canaries into little green things that might also be pigs and do not have any legs.  I cannot use it as an alarm clock or a video camera. I just barely figured out how to use the speed dial. Also, it flips open. It's that kind of phone. And until just a few weeks ago, I had a computer that I had to prop open because the back hinge was falling off.  At least five keys were missing. It had exactly one USB port and I couldn't open more than two windows at the same time or it would crash. And then I got a new super-lightning-fast computer. It's too fast actually, I'm never sure if it's really saving something or just pretending to listen to me.  And it's so quiet that it makes me uncomfortable. Shouldn't there be some kind of rattling, wheezing sound coming from the back? Is it eve

5 reasons why I don't work for Hallmark

As it turns out, I'm not so good with the " words of love " or the " professing of affection ." I don't really " say things people want to hear " or " take showers daily ." But I do have a cousin who makes fantastic cards and once a month she lets me steal one of her designs and turn it into a cookie. And then she makes one of my cookies into a card. It's pretty much the highlight of my month. Click over to Simply Pam's Creations if you want to see which design she used. PS -- Which cookie do you like better? Outlined or not outlined?