St. Patrick's Day.... it's the new...umm, St. Patrick's Day.

I am nearing the end of my sojourn in South Korea, my friends. I have turned my oven on and off again for the last time. I have exploded my last bag of powdered sugar all over my kitchen while mixing icing at high speeds. I think it would be safe to say that I have eaten my last black bean pizza crust stuffed with sweet potato filling that also has mayo and corn drizzled on top. I have walked my last rice paddy and bought my last corner store cantaloupe ice cream on a stick. I have not, however, pushed my way through the last mob of ladies trying to simultaneously bundle up and pat my young children. I still have two Korean airports to get through. Nor have I said my last "annyeonghi gyeseyo"( goodbye) because secretly, I'm hoping to connect with some Koreans in America. And in this dream, I also speak much better Korean just by virtue of returning to my home country.

Yesterday, as I tore my grocery list off the pad of paper for my very last shopping trip, I noticed that it was also the very last sheet of paper on the pad. I took that as an omen that I don't have to be the one to run to the store on our second-to-last day to grab just one more carton of milk. My husband thought I was being a bit melodramatic considering the ease at which I could procure an additional note pad, should we need it. So I had to tell him all about the world-wide notepad epidemic. People all over the world have to write on their hands and arms. I've even heard of teenagers trying to turn themselves in because they didn't have any paper for their writing assignments. It's really quite tragic. I'm surprised he hadn't already heard of it. He's usually pretty on top of major world events.

The down side to not shopping again is that for dinner tonight we are going to have ramen noodles, garlic bread, and applesauce. And for dessert, my kids can just eat brown sugar straight out of the bag. They're flexible like that. Although, I suppose I could also just let them eat these guys. Would it be weird if they ate a leprechaun? Do you think that brings some kind of bad luck? Or do you get three wishes?

If you take away only one thing from this post it should be that cantaloupe ice cream on a stick is just as weird as it sounds. But if you were to take away two things, it should be to make these shamrocks. They couldn't be easier or faster. I've been eyeing Lisa's trick (See it HERE on the The Bearfoot Baker) for a few months now. I'm so glad I tried it out! And once it's completely dry, swirl some luster or disco dust around with a clean, dry brush and it gets caught in all the cracks. Perfect shimmer for St. Patrick's Day!


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