Decorate Like a Pro: Expert Q&A -- Favorite Cookie Decorating Tool

With all the tools and supplies available - how do you know which ones to get first? EIGHT expert decorators tell you what one tool they can't live without!!   When I first started decorating cookies, I lived in South Korea. THANK GOODNESS or I would have bought ALL THE THINGS. There are just so many cutters and stencils and tools and fun things to have! I've bought more than my share of them, I'm sure. I've also regretted quite a few of those purchases. How are you supposed to know what is worth buying now - and what can wait?

How to Make Decorated Poppy Sugar Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies that look like poppies! I grew up in an era of Trapper Keepers, Garbage Pail Kids (Although totally taboo and a little bit naughty...EVERYONE I know had at least three collectible stickers), children running generally amok while wearing cut-off jean shorts and t-shirt rings , (who knew you could still BUY those?!) Jellies, E.T. and "improving yourself".

How To Make Decorated Full Body Unicorn Cookies

I edited these photos while sitting at the counter in my kitchen (because that's WHAT I DO, okay? Seriously, I'm considering adding a chaise lounge and some potted palms to my kitchen because I basically live my entire life within an arm's reach of the kitchen sink. Just walking my kids to school each morning seems like a jaunt to the French Riviera some days.) My very-practically-a-grown-up-because-she-only-has-17-days-left-of-kindergarten daughter decided that she was going to make herself a toast.

Gluten Free Cookies and Flower Bouquets for Mother's Day!!

This post is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. I kind of love my CHOCOLATE COOKIE RECIPE . And judging by the number of emails and messages I get about it every week -- you guys do too! The two questions I get asked most often are: 1) How can you tell when chocolate sugar cookies are done baking? (Find the answer HERE .) 2) How do I make it gluten free?