Fantastic Find Friday -- Cookie Stamps

I've been hearing whisperings of a mythical creature called a "Cookie Stamp" for a few weeks now. I had to try it out. You know... for YOU. And science. It's what I do. I procured a stamp from Bobbi's Cookies and Cutters . And I might be a little biased because it is an exact match for my new blog design....but I think it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.The letters are tiny but stamp cleanly. So, the idea behind the cookie stamp is that you stamp the bottom of the cookie. I don't know about you, but I pretty much never see the bottom of my cookies. You know, because they are always on THE BOTTOM. I've heard that some people stamp the top of the cookie and then flip it over after it's baked and decorate what used be the bottom and is now the top. (Confused? Don't worry. I have another plan.) I decided to try the Flip Method. ( I might trademark that.) 1-- Basically you roll out the dough on top of parchment paper or a silpat. (

Decorated Easter Bunny Cookies -- Cookies and Cards

Do you ever feel like you are in some kind of swirling cookie decorating vortex thing where you spend days and days decorating cookies in the dark, but as it turns out it was just one night? And you have no concept of what day of the week it is, or if you already brushed your teeth, or if you even went to bed for that matter...and for some reason there are all these high school-romantic-musical-comedy movies in your Netflix queue and you have no idea how they got there because obviously you only watch very educational documentaries that inspire you to change your life and the world as you know it. You are a contributing member of society for crying out loud! You believe in good and THINGS that matter. Like crosswalk safety and finding out why Daylight Savings Time still exists. And chocolate. And sleeping. And rock climbing walls in living rooms. And if I had glitter shoes, I would believe in those too.   Ooh! And wouldn't it be cool if plant scientist type people

Vintage Military Jeep Cookies

Tomorrow is my second America Anniversary . If you haven't been coming around her long, then you may not know that I used to live in South Korea. You also may not know that I have made my own cheese . (And it was a terrible failure. And not at as important to this story as I may have led you to believe.) The important thing here is that I used to live in another country that I loved. And then I moved back to my home country of the United States of America and I might have cried when we landed. Okay, I totally did. And I still cry just thinking about it. I. LOVE. THIS. COUNTRY. Someone once told me that Americans are self-selected to be dissatisfied. Only the people who were dissatisfied with their lives in Europe came here in the first place. (Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing.)  And sometimes it seems like there are people in this country that continue that tradition. It might not be cool to be "proud to be an American" anymore, but I'll tell you somethin

Easy Camouflage Cookies

You guys. I am not even kidding you when I say that these are the EASIEST camouflage cookies you will ever make. Not even a little bit kidding. We're talking a 9pm, end of the day, the kids are seriously not going to bed even though they should have been in pajamas an hour ago, someone is crying and I can't even find them -I don't think I can actually make it another 10 minutes- NOT KIDDING . I do not joke around about bedtime or cookies. 1. The key to making simple camouflage cookies is setting up your piping bag. Start with thin (10 count) icing in 3 colors. Put them in disposable piping bags, but don't cut the tips yet. 2. Push the icing up away from the piping bag tips. Twist all three tips together. 3. Put a couple in a fourth piping bag and pull the bag down around the coupler. Push the twisted tips through the coupler and pull them out the other side. 4. Cut the tips about 1/2 " (1cm) away from the edge of the coupler. Put a #9 or #10 tip on the co