How to Make Ornament Decorated Sugar Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make sugar cookies that look like Christmas tree ornaments! I took my children to the store today to grab some gifts for birthday parties this weekend. I *think* I may have made a small miscalculation. My kids are older now, I told myself. They are responsible members of society, I distinctly remember thinking. Certainly we can get in and out of the TOY SECTION ON A FRIDAY NIGHT without a complete meltdown involving screaming, silly putty and an oddly shaped stuffed polka-dot prancing hyena from Milwaukee. I honestly did not see that happening.

How To Make Easy Decorated Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make the easiest ever Christmas tree decorated sugar cookies! You know what I *DON'T* need right now? To over-complicate things. You know what I do EVERY. STINKING. DECEMBER? Yeah. You guessed it. I over-complicate my life like I'm getting paid for it. Actually...if we're being completely honest here...and we should be... I mean, we're friends, right? We go way back. We should be the kind of friends that tell each other when their mascara is running and not let them go the ENTIRE FREAKING NIGHT with mascara on their cheek because it was just a little bit awkward to mention it, right guys? Don't be that kind of friend.

Let's Talk About Baking Powder and Sugar Cookies

Will baking powder make your roll-out cookies spread? What happens if you leave it out? What happens if you keep it in? What is baking powder anyway? And why does it matter? Find out below! Baking powder is kind of like the Severus Snape of the cookie decorating world. Poor guy. It gets blamed for everrrrrrrything. And it only half deserves it. 🤣🤣🤣 DOES BAKING POWDER CAUSE COOKIES TO SPREAD? Yes. And no. Stay with me here. We're going to sort this out. And I'll try to make it as simple as possible.

How to Make Decorated Cornucopia Sugar Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies that look like cornucopias -- perfect for Thanksgiving! I have a confession to make. I've made a cornucopia cookie tutorial every year for the last three years.  THREE YEARS. And do you know what happens? Somehow Halloween turns into February overnight. Every single time. It's like some kind of conspiracy.

How To Make Decorated Paint-Your-Own (PYO) Cookies

They go by many names -- Paint-Your-Own, PYO, Color-A-Cookies, Paint-A-Cookies...etc. But whatever you call them, there are tons of options for making them. Use this tutorial to learn all the different ways you can create paint-your-own designs on decorated sugar cookies! Do you guys know Marlyn? She's the brilliance behind the very popular YouTube Channel - Montreal Confections . I LOVE HER BRAIN!!! You guys. Did you know that it's been just over two years since Marlyn introduced the world to her genius idea of PAINT-YOUR-OWN COOKIES ??!