How To Make Decorated Paint-Your-Own (PYO) Cookies

They go by many names -- Paint-Your-Own, PYO, Color-A-Cookies, Paint-A-Cookies...etc. But whatever you call them, there are tons of options for making them. Use this tutorial to learn all the different ways you can create paint-your-own designs on decorated sugar cookies!

Do you guys know Marlyn? She's the brilliance behind the very popular YouTube Channel - Montreal Confections. I LOVE HER BRAIN!!! You guys. Did you know that it's been just over two years since Marlyn introduced the world to her genius idea of PAINT-YOUR-OWN COOKIES??!

How to Make Decorated Unicorn Cupcake Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies that look like Unicorn Cupcakes!
I'm sure this is going to come as a huge shock to everyone.

Brace yourselves.

Mornings around here are kind of a mess. And by "kind of" I don't mean - "oh, that's adorable that you want to dress yourself and you are wearing pink pants with a purple shirt." We're talking more of a "Why aren't you wearing pants? Whose homework is in the kitchen sink?! Shut the fridge! You had shoes YESTERDAY. Stop fighting over the sandwiches or I'll squish all of them. Just leave it on the floor, we didn't want the rest of that gallon of milk anyway. We're leaving NOW!!" kind of morning.

How To Make Decorated Unicorn Candy Corn Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make cute unicorn candy corn cookies for Halloween!

You guys. It SNOWED this weekend. I was just minding my own fall-loving-Halloween-celebrating business when it just APPEARED out of thin air. (NOT a metaphor this time!) How am I supposed to enjoy these last few weeks of the brightly colored, sugar covered, hyped up costume wearing season that is October?!

How To Make Decorated Unicorn Mummy Face Decorated Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make easy and fun mummy unicorn cookies for Halloween!

I realized today that my definition of "adventure" has changed slightly since I became a parent. I used to be a cliff-jumping, rock-climbing, white water rafting guide that backpacked through Yellowstone for my honeymoon. (⇇ Not kidding. It was awesome...but not entirely advisable.)

How To Make Decorated Full Body Unicorn Mummy Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies that look like unicorn mummies - perfect for Halloween!

Have you ever wondered if maybe auto-correct was actually invented as a culture-wide gas lighting experiment? I mean...think about it. You can type an entire text message with 100% accuracy and it comes out looking like my 3 year old is placing an order for 712.3 left footed socks from someone in Antarctica... in Dutch. How does that even make sense?! Maybe it started as some misguided college practical joke to impress a girl that got wildly out of hand until the original creator simply had to own it while still going to bed every night wondering -- "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"

How To Make Black Cookies That Won't Turn Mouths Purple

Use these tips to make black cookies for Halloween with less food coloring. 

I. LOVE. COLORS. All colors. Dark colors. Bright colors. Patterned colors and textured colors. We're like the Teen Girl Squad -- wildly misunderstood but inexplicably connected. Even the pastels...and everyone knows those are *barely* colors. And I absolutely love the way that black makes colors pop. What I don't love so much though... is the way that black food coloring lingers on fingers and mouths long after the cookie has been eaten.

Flash Post -- Sweet Sugarbelle Halloween Cookie Cutters

There are about a bajillion reasons why I love making Halloween cookies. But here are my top 3 --

1. You get to use fun bright colors.
2. You can add candy to literally ANY set and it totally works. And I love candy.
3. If you mess up -- no you didn't. Add eyeballs and it's now a monster.

Royal Icing Recipe With Meringue Powder

Simple recipe for creamy royal icing using meringue powder!
When I first started making decorated cookies, I was just as reckless as I am right now. I "researched" for a few days and then declared myself an expert and went to work. The thing is though...that was a a veritable lifetime ago. You guys. That was BEFORE PINTEREST. And "researching" was actually researching. Like... at a LIBRARY. I found exactly ONE recipe for royal icing. And it used egg whites separated from actual eggs. And I ran with that.

My New Favorite Plaque Cutter IS My Old Favorite Plaque Cutter

So... I have this thing where I fall in love with every cookie cutter I see and I can't help but want to take them home and squish them and love them and tell them they are pretty every day of their lives. And sometimes, when I'm putting them gently into their plastic tote box of dreams, I think about how we'll grow old making cookies together and someday...when we're both quite past our cookie decorating prime, we'll move to the coast and live out the rest of our days on a front porch filled with sunshine as we watch small families enjoying a relaxing afternoon of sand throwing and tantrums at the beach.

It's actually quite common.

But sometimes... I also have this thing called "logic" and "reality" that stops me from buying every cutter on the planet. And that makes me sad....

How to Choose a Rolling Pin

Six questions to ask yourself before choosing and buying a rolling pin for decorated sugar cookies.

I can't say it enough -- there are infinite RIGHT ways to decorate cookies. If it works for you -- it's the right way. If it doesn't - try something else! The same holds true for decorating tools. Some people swear by icing bottles. Some people use disposable piping bags without any tips at all. Maybe you think plastic cutters are the best...or maybe you only use copper cutters. When it comes to choosing the right tools - BUY ALL THE THINGS seems like the most common approach. But unless you want a cabinet overflowing with rolling pins...I've got six questions you need to ask yourself before you buy a new rolling pin.

How to Hand Cut Sugar Cookies

Don't have the cutter you need? You can always hand cut your sugar cookie shapes! Use these tips and tricks to make hand cutting as easy as possible.

I own a lot of cookie cutters. Like... A LOT. Like.... someone cover my husband's eyes... probably around 800 cookie cutters. And I love to re-purpose a cookie cutter and use it for something entirely different from it's intended shape. (You turning a candle cutter into a gnome.) But for all my planning (ha) and preparation (ha ha ha ha ha)... sometimes I just need a certain shape that I don't have. And when that happens, I'm faced with two possible solutions -- I can make my own cookie cutter or I can hand cut the shape.

How to Make Decorated Graduation Tassel Cookies

Use this tutorial to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies that look like graduation tassels!
You know how I'm always like, "Ohhh...don't judge me...I've done something absolutely ridiculous but it's okay because people are people and let's forget I'm weird because...COOKIES!!" Well, I'm going to give you a pass on this one and say - "Go ahead and judge friends." Because this one is a little bit past ridiculous. (And that's saying something coming from the girl who wore a 3 foot wide sombrero to the last CookieCon.)