How to Hand Cut Sugar Cookies

Don't have the cutter you need? You can always hand cut your sugar cookie shapes! Use these tips and tricks to make hand cutting as easy as possible.

Tutorial for hand cutting custom sugar cookies

I own a lot of cookie cutters. Like... A LOT. Like.... someone cover my husband's eyes... probably around 800 cookie cutters. And I love to re-purpose a cookie cutter and use it for something entirely different from it's intended shape. (You turning a candle cutter into a gnome.) But for all my planning (ha) and preparation (ha ha ha ha ha)... sometimes I just need a certain shape that I don't have. And when that happens, I'm faced with two possible solutions -- I can make my own cookie cutter or I can hand cut the shape.

How to Make Decorated Graduation Tassel Cookies

Use this tutorial to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies that look like graduation tassels!

How to make easy decorated graduation tassel sugar cookies

You know how I'm always like, "Ohhh...don't judge me...I've done something absolutely ridiculous but it's okay because people are people and let's forget I'm weird because...COOKIES!!" Well, I'm going to give you a pass on this one and say - "Go ahead and judge friends." Because this one is a little bit past ridiculous. (And that's saying something coming from the girl who wore a 3 foot wide sombrero to the last CookieCon.)

4th of July Decorated Pocket and Fireworks Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make decorated jean pocket and fireworks sugar cookies!

Fourth of July Decorated Sugar Cookies -- Fireworks, Stars, and Jean Pocket

I bet you guys thought something happened to me. It's been forever! (And by forever, I mean 27 days...not that I'm counting.) The truth is -- something did happen. It's called SUMMER. Maybe you've heard of it. Basically, once a year my kids love me again. We hang out together and there's no rushing around to get them to school and sports and appointments or trying to force them into actually learning and finishing homework and reading entire books. We just LIVE OUR LIVES. (What?! Who does that?!)

Decorate Like a Pro: Expert Q&A -- Favorite Cookie Decorating Tool

With all the tools and supplies available - how do you know which ones to get first? EIGHT expert decorators tell you what one tool they can't live without!! 

When I first started decorating cookies, I lived in South Korea. THANK GOODNESS or I would have bought ALL THE THINGS. There are just so many cutters and stencils and tools and fun things to have! I've bought more than my share of them, I'm sure. I've also regretted quite a few of those purchases. How are you supposed to know what is worth buying now - and what can wait?

How to Make Decorated Poppy Sugar Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies that look like poppies!

Poppy wedding sugar cookies -- poppies, bouquets, hearts, wedding gown, wedding cake cookies

I grew up in an era of Trapper Keepers, Garbage Pail Kids (Although totally taboo and a little bit naughty...EVERYONE I know had at least three collectible stickers), children running generally amok while wearing cut-off jean shorts and t-shirt rings, (who knew you could still BUY those?!) Jellies, E.T. and "improving yourself".