How To Make Decorated Easter Garden Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make some Easter bunny, egg, and carrot decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!

Easter egg, bunny, and carrot decorated chocolate sugar cookies for spring.

We're friends, right? Like... we go waaaaaaay back to at least March if not more, right? So I can tell you stuff and you won't judge me? 

Or at least you'll only judge me silently in your head but totally agree with me out loud that sleeping in is better than running in the snow...especially in April?!

Oh good! 

Because I feel like I just need someone to know that I actually did laundry today. 

I mean...not A LOT of laundry. And I only folded most of it. But that laundry wasn't strictly necessary until at least Thursday. And for the record friends, today is Monday. So that's a whole THREE DAYS earl--


Today is Tuesday. That's only two days early. You know what? I'm still going to take the win here. 

There's something else I kind of want to tell you because you are my people and it's a happy thing and sometimes you just want to share happy things because somehow it makes them bigger and enduring. 

You know, like if I had a plate of the best brownies that ever existed- I would definitely share them with everyone I know and love. 

(Except if you are trying to make healthier life choices, and want to avoid brownies... I've totally got your back and will make you the best apple slices that ever existed instead.)

So here's the thing I want to share with you. And I actually hesitate to share it because it's a pure goodness kind of thing that I don't want to be misunderstood. It just explodes my soul in a way that I want to share it with you because you and me... we're cookie family. 

Earlier this spring, my 10 year old little lady decided that she wanted to try out for the community musical. 

(And to be clear, we're not musically gifted here. We're the sing along to the radio at the top of your lungs because you're happy, not because anyone is listening kind of family.)

I hesitated to let her because I worried, as mommas do, that it wouldn't go well for her. But she really REALLY wanted it. So we signed her up for an audition time slot. 

And like any completely unknowledgeable parent, I googled audition songs and we used YouTube for her primary means of practicing. She spent hours in her room with a computer, singing and singing and singing. 

And audition day came. And she picked her favorite clothes. And we drove to the audition hall. And she walked into that giant room and stood in the middle of the big open floor in front of nearly a dozen judges. And she sang. And she wasn't nervous and she wasn't ashamed or anxious. 

She was shaking as we left, but not because she was afraid. 

As we sat in the dark car in the parking lot, before I could turn the key...she burst out - 

"I've always dreamed of becoming an actress and going to auditions- and NOW - I'm not dreaming it anymore Mom! I'M DOING IT!!"

It didn't matter to her whether she got a part or not. SHE WAS LIVING HER DREAM! At 10 years old, that girl of mine is living her dream. 

(Spoiler alert: She did get a part!)

I've thought a lot about that night. I love that for her, the PROCESS was the dream...not the DESTINATION. 

And I have no clever way of tying that into these Easter cookies. But I'm glad we're friends. And I'm glad you let me share my heart thoughts sometimes. 

I wish you all a wonderful Easter and spring and sunshine and happiness and hope that you find joy in your process as you travel toward your destination. 

How to make Easter egg, bunny, and carrot decorated sugar cookies: 

Carrot decorated sugar cookie tutorial with step by step instructions

Step 1. 

Outline and fill the right side of the carrot with a medium consistency peach color royal icing and a #3  piping tip. Leave a squiggly gap on the left side of the carrot. Immediately fill in the gap with the lighter peach icing.  Let dry for an hour.

Step 2.

Pipe leaf shapes in every other node with green royal icing and a #3 icing tip. Let dry for 20 minutes. 

Step 3.

Pipe the two remaining leaves and let dry for another 20 minutes. 

Step 4.

Add detail lines and dots to the carrot with the peach royal icing and a #1 size tip or piping bag opening. Add detail lines to the leaves with the green icing and a #1 tip.

Easter egg cookie decorating tutorial with step by step instructions

Step 1. 

Use the 2-in-1 tool to trace the outline of the egg cutter on the cookie to create guidelines for the arches. 

Outline and fill the peach segment with a medium icing consistency first. Repeat with the tan and green segments. Fill in the remaining area with the blue icing. Smooth out the surface of the icing if necessary and use the 2-in-1 tool to clean any icing that might be pushing over the edges. Let dry for an hour.


Step 2.

Pipe detail lines between each color change with the brown icing and a #1 size tip or opening.

Easter egg sugar cookie decorating tutorial with easy to follow isntructions

Step 1. 

Pipe a random squiggle across the cookie with a medium consistency brown icing and a #3 icing tip. Pipe a second squiggle below it. Fill in the area between the two lines with the same icing.

Pipe a squiggle of icing across the cookie with some green icing. Pipe a second squiggle below it. Fill in the area between the two lines with the same icing. 

Outline and fill the remaining areas of the cookie with white icing. Use a toothpick to scrape any icing that falls off the sides. Let dry for an hour. 

Step 2.

With varying colors of icing and #1 size openings, pipe detail lines where one segment of color meets another. 

Easter bunny sugar cookie decorating tutorial with step by step instructions

Step 1. 

Pipe two dots of brown royal icing in the center of the face. Add two tiny dots of white on the top right of each eye. With light peach icing, pipe elongated tear drop shapes in the center of each ear. Let dry for an hour.  

Step 2.

Outline and fill the face and ears with white icing and a #3 size icing tip. Pipe half circles of light peach icing under each eye. Let dry for an hour. 

Step 3.

Pipe an oval nose with the peach royal icing. Add eyebrows with the white icing and a #1 piping tip. Add detail fur lines with the same white icing. 

See it all come together in this Easter sugar video tutorial.

Decorated Easter egg chocolate sugar cookie designs


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