How to Make PERFECT Pastel Icing -- EVERY TIME!!!

Cookie Decorating Tutorial -- perfect pastel icing!

You should know by now that I'm a huge fan of "Do what you want."  HUGE fan. Like, the kind of fan that hides outside of a disco club in the bushes with nothing but an egg salad sandwich and a 3 month old copy of "Weekly World News" until 3 in the morning just to pretend that I *accidentally* bumped into them as they are leaving so I could introduce myself and then spend the next 20 minutes gushing about how much alike we are only to have the police called to pry me away from said object of affection and adoration.

As you can imagine, Spring is pretty much my jam. You want to wear shorts and a winter coat?! TOTALLY a legitimate decision. Sandals and gloves? I agree. Feel like turning on the heater AND the air conditioner in your car on the same day?! Seems completely logical. And to that guy that roller-bladed his kids to school in a bathrobe this morning -- I salute you. (Seriously you guys -- that happened. And it made me inexplicably happy. And to his credit...he turned around just before the school grounds started.)

I don't typically "do" pastel colors. I like my colors deep and saturated and kind of muddied up a bit. But for some reason...I was just feeling all "pastel-y" this spring. And then I thought that maybe you wanted to know my secret for perfect pastels -- I mix a tiny amount of saturated icing first and then mix a little of that icing with white icing for gorgeous pale colors. For example - I mixed 1 drop of Royal Blue and 2 drops of Electric Pink to about 1/4 cup of white icing. Then I mixed 1 teaspoon of that deep purple icing to about 1 cup of white icing to make a perfect pastel lavender icing.

pastel icing color mixing chart

Here are all the ratios I case you want to roller-blade your children to school in your bathrobe -- I mean-- make a bunch of pastel icing colors too.

And then you can make all sorts of great pastel-y cookies that use up every stinking bunny cutter you have this spring.


Use the same pastel colors to make some BUNNY BUM COOKIES !!

Need more great color formulas? Check out my COLOR CHART CARDS.

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