How to Choose (and Use) Gold Luster Dust

Gold dipped Easter Egg cookies!

I didn't start out trying to cover my entire kitchen in gold spatters, sprays, and streaks. I certainly had no intention of binge purchasing every shiny dust I laid my eyes on. And I did NOT expect to fall in love with an FDA approved luster dust. (The Non-Toxic dusts? I *KNEW* they would be gorgeous!) I just wanted to make some gold "dipped" pastel Easter Eggs. Is that TOO MUCH to ask?

It...maybe didn't turn out quite like I expected it to. But I learned a lot about gold luster dusts!! Some covered well, some didn't. Some were more yellow...and some were very nearly green. I am NOT going to judge what kind of gold you I made you a chart so you can choose for yourself!

How to make your icing GOLD!!

I made each circle both gray and white so you can see how it covers different colors. Some golds cover colors well but are AWFUL on white...and some are the other way around. I'm actually super interested to see what YOUR favorite gold dust color if you pick one...will you tell me in the comments?

It's not a surprise that all 3 of the non-toxic gold dusts I tried had AMAZING coverage. The Barco Gold was a wildcard for me, since I had never heard of or tried that brand before I saw them at Firefly Edible Design's etsy shop. Apparently, the brand is new to the scene in the US with a bunch of metallic colors.

Hands down the biggest surprise of all was the high performance of some of the FDA Approved dusts!! I kind of expected them all the be a weak shadow of the popular SHINY ALL THE THINGS dusts (otherwise known as TMP Super Gold and Rolkem.) But FDA approval no longer means "lame." The Crystal Colors Antique Gold didn't have *quite* the same thick coverage as the non-toxic golds, but it made up for it in color. It's beautiful! The CK brand gold dusts and excellent coverage but were just a smidgeon yellower than I like. (But it's TOTALLY okay for you to like them. We can still be friends!)

*** I think that method of application is super important to talk about here. Dry brushing ANY luster dust will give you only a thin coverage. A dry application is best for when you want to suggest gold without hitting someone in the face with it.

*** I mixed each luster dust the exact same way -- I added a drop or two of water to a scoop of luster dust and mixed it into a paste before painting it on the cookie.  That's not a typo. I used WATER. I always have. I probably always will. Make sure it's a thick paste and it won't pit the surface of your icing.

*** I have zero experience mixing luster dusts to use with an airbrush. Maybe I will someday...but that day is not today. I cannot tell you how any of these dusts work in an airbrush. You can guess, and I can guess...but they will be just guesses until you experiment.

I made you a video showing you how thick the past of gold dust and water is so you won't be confused. Because I think that shiny things make me lose half my mind to begin with.And maybe you have that problem too.

And if your pocket book is suddenly jonesing for some new gold luster dust because your current dust just isn't measuring up to these pictures...I have a secret trick to bring them up to par. Just watch the video to see how it works!


Grab all the dusts:

2. BARCO GOLD (Use code LilaLoa to save 20% on all Barco products!!)

You can get the box from BRP in WHITE, BLUE, and KRAFT.

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