How To Make Decorated Bunny Bum Sugar Cookies

Easy Easter craft ideas

There's this thing called CookieCon. It's basically the biggest cookie party that ever existed. And it's happening in just under 2 weeks. I have exactly eleventy-million things to do before it gets here. So I figured the best possible thing I could do would be scheduling another Cookie Decorating Trip to Tulsa for the week before CookieCon. So I basically have 172.6 things to accomplish every waking hour between now and CookieCon. As you can imagine, I have a pretty rigorous schedule to keep on top of everything --

8am -- Ate breakfast while walking my children to school and pushing a stroller. Spent the remaining 30 minutes loading my Walmart cart with groceries for pick up (Did you know this was a thing??!!) only to discover that the soonest possible pickup is in 2 days. Unfortunately, we are already out of bread and my kids don't really appreciate when their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are made with carrot slices.

9am -- Ran to the grocery store for bread. And milk. And butter and...oooh they have Cadbury Mini Eggs!! And then I just had to look real quick at the seasonal display...and then one of my children needed a drink and then they both had to go to the bathroom and then we forgot entirely about the bread until we were almost at the check-out line.... And on our way back to the bread, I passed those crescent rolls in a can and thought that I would be a fun mom and make them for dinner...except - seriously, I'm not paying $3 for a can of crescent rolls! I'm sure I could just whip some up "real quick" when I get home.

10am -- Loaded up my groceries and children and sanity and realized that I was only 2 blocks from a Michael's and maybe they would have those Wilton sprinkles that everyone is talking about!!! Spent the entire hour walking around the store looking at all the OTHER things they had because Wilton sprinkles was not one of them.

11am -- Unloaded children, groceries, and my sanity. And had a snack. And then photographed some cookies real quick before the light got any worse because it's supposed to SNOW. AGAIN. FOREVER apparently.

12pm -- Had a little freak out because I totally forgot to put the eggs away before photographing those cookies...but thank goodness I buy them by the 5 dozen because the cardboard box kept them totally cool. Bribed my children to eat vegetables and legitimately started making crescent rolls.

1pm -- And then somehow crescent rolls turned into lemon pudding and mashed cauliflower and 5 dozen baked cookies and then it was like 6pm and my whole day was gone.

7pm -- Started editing cookie videos...but somehow got sidetracked by the live feed of the giraffe about to give birth in New York.

Easter cookie box ideas

And now it's 8 pm and here I am. 3 things accomplished today. I'm only 2068.2 things behind. THANK GOODNESS I decided to simplify Easter cookies this year!! I've got 10 (ish) simple boxed cookie ideas for Easter to share with you! First up -- a quick look at an old favorite -- Bunny Bums!!! Using a heart cookie for the feet simplifies the design and gives you at least 72 more seconds to watch the giraffe.

Easter Decorated Sugar Cookie Tutorial -- Bunny Bums

1. You need one very large circle cookie, one very small scalloped round cookie, and a heart cookie. Outline and fill the large circle and the heart cookie with a medium consistency white icing. Flood the scalloped round cookie with a medium consistency lavender icing. Let the cookies dry for 3-4 hours.

2. Pipe a paw print on each side of the heart cookie. The print is just a tear drop shape with 3 dots on top.

3. Put a dot of icing on the back of the mini scalloped round and attach it near the top of the large circle cookie. Turn the heart cookie upside down and attach it near the bottom of the large round cookie with another dot of icing.

I flood my scalloped round the video to see how to keep each scallop defined.


Get the supplies -- the large circle (3.5") and the scalloped round (1.8") are both from THIS SET, HEART CUTTER (3" wide), CARROT CUTTER,  and the cookie box is available in WHITE, BLUE, and KRAFT.

Watch my tutorial for the WET-ON-WET DAISY look.

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