How to Make Ornate Frame Decorated Cookies

Sugar cookie decorating -- tropical luau island cookies

There is something about seeing the sun again for the first time in ages that makes me look around my house and think, "Oh my gosh!! Do you even OWN a vacuum or Windex or ANYTHING AT ALL that is remotely related to cleaning and organizing you cavewoman??!!" And then I say to myself, "Gah! You know I do. I hid it under that mountain of laundry so I didn't feel guilty staring at it all the time."

And then I come to my senses and realize I'm talking to myself about laundry. And no one should really ever have conversations about laundry. It's best to be avoided on all possible levels.

And then I get all crazy again (I'm like the weather -- all over the place in spring.) (Because I've decided it's spring. I *need* it to be spring.) and go on some kind of weird cleaning rampage that involves stealth-mode trips to the garbage can with overflowing armfuls of broken pencils, matchless shoes, my children's paper drawings and weirdly...a pile of popsicle sticks from the corner of a closet that were being saved for " a secret project" that we will now NEVER be revealed all because the sun came out one afternoon.

I also cleaned my shower. And I am NOT going to tell you how long it's been since that happened. But I will tell you that after I bleached every last tile in the place, my daughter walked past the door and said, "Ooooh!! What's that smell??! This room smells GOOD."

My daughter likes the smell of bleach.


You know bleach is used for laundry too, right? If it wasn't for her near obsession with chocolate cookies I would wonder how we are even related right now.

And it's a good thing that SOMEONE around here is eating all these chocolate cookies because I just can't help making them sometimes. Especially when I get a new cutter. Especially, especially when that cutter is one that *I* designed!!! I'm kind of madly in love with this new plaque cutter from Ann Clark Cookie Cutters!!! So much great space for writing all sorts of messages!

And it makes a pretty fantastic ornate frame cookie too! Frames seem more complicated than they I made you a video to show you how to break it down into simple steps. You can watch it now. I don't mind.

Sugar cookie decorating -- tropical Luau hibiscus cookies


Get the cutters -- Plaque at Ann Clark (or grab it on AMAZON), Rectangle, Bow, Wide Heart, Tall Heart, Hibiscus, Banner Heart, and House

See how I turned a rose cutter into a HIBISCUS COOKIE

Shop all my Ann Clark Cookie Cutters HERE


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