Nurse Color Palette and Icing Formulas

Use this icing color palette and the formulas to make icing for your next nurse or doctor appreciation cookie project!! 

I used Chefmaster brand food coloring for all of these formulas.

If you're not sure what the "parts" mean, or how to use these formulas, check out THIS POST for detailed step-by-step photos!

When I make different colors with the same ratios (like the two pink colors above), I usually make the darkest color first. Then I add some of the darker colored icing into a bowl of fresh white icing to make a lighter version of the same icing.

When I make very light or pale icing colors, I mix the food coloring into a very small amount of icing (2 tablespoons) first and then use that saturated icing to color the rest of my icing. (Check out THIS POST for details.)

See how I made the STETHOSCOPE, PRESSURE CUFF, and SURGICAL MASK cookies!!

See more of my color palettes and formulas HERE! 

How To Make Stethoscope Decorated Cookies

Learn how to make some decorated stethoscope sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!  

I went to Target today.

Because I wanted to. Is that a crime?!

Because it snowed yesterday. And it's cold. And I'm afraid of what happens when winter comes.

I just wanted to go stand in the Halloween aisles. I wanted to look at the bright colors and very very large bags of sugary goodness. I had no intention of actually buying anything. (That's a complete lie. I fully knew I would end up buying yet another bag of holiday M&Ms.) (Please don't judge me.) (Okay, you can a little bit judge me for the lie...but not my love of chocolate.)

Halloween Color Palette and Icing Formulas and SWEET SUGARBELLE MINI GIVEAWAY!!!!

Use this icing color palette and the formulas to make icing for your next Halloween cookie project!! 

I've never been a fan of mini cookies. Until I met this set of Sweet Sugarbelle Mini Shapeshifters. And then I fell absolutely, madly, head-over-heels in LOVE with minis. Every time I open that box...or bag...or tin... or whatever storage receptacle they are currently hiding in... (I can NOT make up my mind!!! Suggestions welcome! 😂😂😂) ... I instantly feel inspired and absolutely NEED to make one million cookies immediately.