Top Cookie Decorating Questions About Copyright and Trademarks - ANSWERED!!

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about cookie decorating and copyright, trademark, and intellectual property protection!! Navigating the world of custom cookies can sometimes be soooo tricky when it gets mashed up against the world of intellectual property rights, copyright infringement, and trademarks! If making decorated cookies is something you are interested in... you need to learn how to protect YOUR OWN intellectual property as well as protect your business by staying clear of any legal infringement on someone else's intellectual property rights! I've got the top ten...or eleven-ish  of the most commonly asked copyright and trademark questions for cookie decorating - answered by someone  who actually finds it interesting to study those very questions! It's my husband. His name is Stan. He's an attorney. And sometimes he explains things in ways that I don't quite understand. So if there is something you want more clarification on -- email

Happy Graduation Color Palette and Icing Color Formulas

Use this icing color palette and the formulas to make icing for your next graduation celebration cookie project!! I used Chefmaster brand food coloring for all of these formulas.  If you're not sure what the "parts" mean, or how to use these formulas, check out THIS POST for detailed step-by-step photos!  When I make different colors with the same ratios (like the blues above), I usually make the darkest color first. Then I add some of the darker colored icing into a bowl of fresh white icing to make a lighter version of the same icing.  When I make very light or pale icing colors (like the gray above,) I mix the food coloring into a very small amount of icing (2 tablespoons) first and then use that saturated icing to color the rest of my icing. (Check out THIS POST for details.)  See more of my color palettes and formulas HERE !  NEED MORE?? See how I made the  grad tassel cookies , and  grad cap cookies ! Get the cutters:

How To Make Decorated Graduation Cap Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make some simple and easy graduation cap decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!  Just to check -- Is eating homemade strawberry jam by the spoonful okay now? Like... can I call that a meal and check off a serving of fruit? Or is that still in the "Let's both agree to pretend that neither of us do that, but secretly we really just want to be invited to a strawberry jam eating party with no children and no homework" category?