How to Make Your Own CUSTOM SPRINKLES!!!

Do you ever have those days where you just can NOT stay on task? Like, let's say some nefarious underworld type creature somehow manages to sneak into my house and take every last cookie cutter, PME tip, and stencil that I own and in his sadistic glee, he informs me that I could have it all back if only I would stay on task and actually accomplish things today... I would pretty much be thinking, " Sweet! Now I can go cookie supply shopping instead of doing ANY of the things on my to-do list ." It's not that I'm procrastinating on purpose today though. It's just that there's so much to get done that I get distracted by the next task before I'm even finished with the first one. Stop me if you've heard this story before. I find my daughter's shoe on the living room floor. (Just one, mind you.) I pick it up to return it to her bedroom, but along the way, I also find a hairbrush and some elastics, and since I'm already headed that directi

Fantastic Find: Crosby and Taylor Handcrafted Measuring Spoons

Oh my goodness. You totally thought I had forgotten about Fantastic Finds, didn't you? I might have...if it wasn't for my overflowing basket of finds that are desperately begging to be shared with you! First up in the very long line of finds - are these GORGEOUS hand crafted pewter measuring spoons from Crosby and Taylor . You guys. I'm kind of obsessed with these. Basically they are gorgeous pieces of pewter that you can also use to measure with. It's not that complicated.   Each and every measuring spoon, measuring cup or other beautiful piece of pewter from Crosby and Tayor is hand crafted. No two items are identical. As a bit of a (sugar) artist myself... I LOVE THAT. And they are so smooth and so shiny and I love that too. But don't worry about the whole, "mistakes happen" aspect of handcrafted -- each one is tested to make sure it really measures as it should. And not only are they perfectly accurate... ...but there is just SOMETHI

How to Make Decorated Cookie Videos

I’m pretty sure this is going to be the longest post in the history of ever. And I haven’t even written it yet. I have, however, procrastinated it for weeks. So that should count for something, right? Here’s the thing. Videos. They’re the thing these days. Everyone is making them. Or watching them. Or wishing they could make them. And I’m here to tell you that you can be anyone of those people that you want to be. Seriously. I’m going to walk you through my ENTIRE VIDEO PROCESS. Painstakingly slow because I’m cool like that. But don’t get all crazy on me if you do it a different way. I like different ways. And totally welcome your comments giving people more options. You know, as long as there is no hatred involved…I’m good. This is my video set-up. I use my regular ol’ half-way broken cellphone attached to a GRIPPY ARM THING . The grippy arm thing is also attached to a tri-pod. (I used to attach it to the back of another chair, but the tripod was just easier to move aroun

How to Make Decorated Donald Trump Cookies

You know, spending a couple of days in the birthplace of a nation has really made me think about the founding years of my own country. And thinking about all those years of history that have developed our separate countries into what they are, I just can't stop wondering how it is that Australia has managed to create the pure love in cookie form that is a Tim-Tam while the United States is stuck with Oreos. HOW will I continue to live my life without the option of ducking into a shop for a Tim-Tam? I would go on a chocolate strike until America promises to import Tim-Tams, but I think you and I both know that would last about 20 minutes and would only end in tears and ice cream. So I'll just keep making my decorated cookies will secretly opening a science laboratory in the basement where the sole purpose is to recreate a Tim-Tam in it's entirety and perfection. The lab will, of course, require a regular shipment of *actual* Tim-Tam...for research purposes obviously. A

How to Make Decorated Hillary Clinton Cookies

  So...I live in Oz now. If you don't know, that's what we people in Australia call Australia for short. I've been here for 4 whole days and even though I'm leaving on Friday, I'm very nearly an expert Australian. I used the word "dodgy" in a real conversation and gave someone directions to the lift. AND...I minded the gap at the train station like a boss. Also, I'm now the proud owner of a wombat cookie cutter . Seriously - if you are even THINKING right now that you don't know what a wombat is - stop and look at THESE PICTURES . But don't look at the giant wombats. They scare me. And I would never be able to look at my sweet little wombat cutter the same way again. And I like that cutter. You know what I *also* like? Working with Ann Clark Cookies!! They've got a great selection for the election season -- no matter who you stand behind! (PS -- for the record -- I'll have a tutorial on Donald Trump cookies tomorrow!) 1. Wi

How to Make Decorated Apple Bushel Cookies

Oh my goodness. Do you even remember the time I lived in another country? I feel like it was YEARS ago!! To be fair, it was at least two CookieCons ago. Which is basically an eternity. If we've only recently become should know that I used to live in South Korea. It's an important fact because it's the whole reason I started making cookies in the first place. I used to make CAKES for crying out loud. And then my oven in South Korea was only slightly larger than an EZ Bake oven. So I started making cookies. And one day, some firemen knocked on my door and jumped off my balcony. Anyway, now you're all caught up. Apples are kind of a big deal in South Korea. Like, they INDIVIDUALLY BAG each and every apple while it is on the tree in the spring to keep bugs away from the apples as they grow. I've never had that much foresight in my entire life. Much less that kind of work ethic. I plant a garden every spring and water it for a cou