Fantastic Find: Crosby and Taylor Handcrafted Measuring Spoons

Oh my goodness. You totally thought I had forgotten about Fantastic Finds, didn't you? I might have...if it wasn't for my overflowing basket of finds that are desperately begging to be shared with you! First up in the very long line of finds - are these GORGEOUS hand crafted pewter measuring spoons from Crosby and Taylor.

You guys. I'm kind of obsessed with these. Basically they are gorgeous pieces of pewter that you can also use to measure with. It's not that complicated.

Each and every measuring spoon, measuring cup or other beautiful piece of pewter from Crosby and Tayor is hand crafted. No two items are identical. As a bit of a (sugar) artist myself... I LOVE THAT. And they are so smooth and so shiny and I love that too. But don't worry about the whole, "mistakes happen" aspect of handcrafted -- each one is tested to make sure it really measures as it should. And not only are they perfectly accurate...

...but there is just SOMETHING about the weight of real metal measuring spoons. They are tiny and thin and I never want to put them down. I always want to be measuring. It's like living in a 5 star hotel in my very own kitchen. I mean seriously -- just look at that handle! Don't you just want to pinch it yourself?

Crosby and Taylor have so many gorgeous designs to choose from too. Like these vineyard measuring spoons. Also... I'm not sure if you noticed it...They also make beautiful matching stands for each measuring spoon design.

Bottom Line: Do you need these? "Need" is such a tricky word. I mean, sure you could grab a set of generic, plastic spoons from the nearest dollar store and they would be perfectly useful and would fulfill all your measuring needs. With a price tag of $35, these are definitely not on the list of "basic items to procure before you start decorating" but they are certainly worth the indulgence. It's like each spoon has created itself somehow. I know I keep going on and on about how they feel in my hand...but you can see pictures of how gorgeous they are...and there just aren't words for how much I love to actually hold them. And I know I'm weird and you all are kind of backing away from your computers and phones right now trying to figure out if maybe I should have taken that nap today after all...but I'm telling you -- the second you hold one of these in your hand -- you'll fall in love. So put them on your "if you really love me, you'll remember that these things will make me happy" list for your birthday or Christmas or to reward yourself for actually finishing that order of eleventy-dozen cookies last week.

AND THEN... book mark this post (or email it to the person who should really be loving you) because Crosby and Taylor has a coupon code for you guys!! Use the code pewtershare to save 25% off a set of these UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS MEASURING SPOONS! (I'm not quite sure that I've used the word "gorgeous" enough in this post. I'm worried you might think I don't like these spoons.) (I do.) (I love them.)

Tell me -- do YOU have an indulgent cookie purchase that you just love?? 


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