Decorate Like a Pro: Expert Q&A -- Inspiration and Crediting

Is it okay to use someone else's cookie designs? What's the best way to credit your inspiration? Nine cookie decorating experts weigh in on best practices for using inspiration in your own cookie designs. I've been decorating cookies for what seems like a lifetime. I've been blogging about decorating cookies for almost as long. I have learned A LOT of things along the way. I've learned that icing consistency REALLY REALLY matters. That natural light is the best kind of light. That adding salt to royal icing just tastes awful. That using a dehydrator to speed dry icing is AWESOME. That coral and mint...just aren't in my skill set. But most important, I've learned that there is rarely ever just ONE RIGHT WAY to do anything. Sometimes people ask me a question and I actually feel like I am doing them a disservice by answering...because I want them to see all their options before deciding what will work best for them. So I decided to put together a Super

How To Make Decorated Horseshoe Sugar Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make decorated horseshoe sugar cookies - with cutters you probably already own. Oh you guys. You've heard of Phoenix, right? The Valley of the Sun? It's hot there. And full of ...well...the sun. I went there last week to decorate cookies with new friends. And then I came home to 4 sick kids, 2 feet of snow and a 3 day weekend that turned into a 6 day weekend. My kids are always really good about keeping me in check like that. " Oh, you thought you were some kind of trendy grown-up that can exist as more than a mother and go have a consequence-free mid-week vacation in the sun for a few days? We don't agree. "

Cookie Decorating Tutorial Round-Up

Last week knocked me off my rhythm! I think we had germs from both flus, the cold, and maybe the plague rolling around my house. My kids laid around for days, sharing couches and blankets without even fighting. It was like the whole world had turned upside down. But because of that...the newsletter just isn't going to happen this morning. Sorry guys. But I don't want you to miss out on all the great cookie decorating tutorials!! How to Decorate a Sparkling Shamrock -- Flour Box Bakery Leprechaun Cookies -- Clough'D 9 Cookies Watercolor Elephants -- Haniela's Flannel Plaid Shirts -- CookieCrazie Wood Tree Slice -- CookieCrazie Beautiful Easter Cookie Card -- My Little Bakery Bridesmaid Dress Cookies -- Emma's Sweets Mother's Day Basket -- Kozuli

How To Make Wet-On-Wet Watercolor Cookie Designs

Remember these? I made them just...ages ago. Just kidding. I posted them yesterday. Did you already forget? I'd be disappointed...but the whole "making Valentine's Day cookies until all hours of the day and night and day and night again" thing kind of gets you a free pass for the next 3 months in my book. These two cookies in particular were just something I've been playing around with for a little while. But since so many of you asked how I made that heart...I thought I would just show you really quick how I did it. And then ask you a favor. You know...because I'm all about "fairness" like that.

How to Make Decorated Watercolor Rose Sugar Cookies

My son went on a field trip downtown today. I also had some things to do downtown today. In a random turn of events, I found myself driving behind his school bus. So naturally, I did what any mother would have done and drove the exact same speed as the bus...creeping up window by window until I found my son and his friends. Definitely NOT in a stalker-y way. In a fun, totally trendy and cool mom kind of way. Because you know...I'm awesome like that. And I'm *sure* my 10 year old that weirdly started hiding under his seat felt the exact same way as me. I mean... he probably was reading some graffiti on the back of the seat in front of him and it probably went all the way down so he kind of needed to duck down and maybe hide his head a little bit so he could read it all. You know...because it was probably like particle physics or something and he just really wants to get a jump on that before college. I'm so proud of him.

How To Make Rose Gold Icing and Airbrush Spray

Today is my birthday. I'm just putting it out there. Just letting you know. I am JUST SAYING that if there was ever a day where you were sitting on your couch thinking, "Self - today is just the kind of day that makes me feel like giving that LilaLoa girl a pony. And maybe sharing an afternoon of Netflix bingeing with her while sorting laundry and eating chocolate." THIS WOULD BE THAT DAY. Also... I'm 37 years old. You know, in case you were wondering.