How To Make Decorated Horseshoe Sugar Cookies

Use this cookie decorating tutorial to learn how to make decorated horseshoe sugar cookies - with cutters you probably already own.

Oh you guys. You've heard of Phoenix, right? The Valley of the Sun? It's hot there. And full of ...well...the sun. I went there last week to decorate cookies with new friends. And then I came home to 4 sick kids, 2 feet of snow and a 3 day weekend that turned into a 6 day weekend. My kids are always really good about keeping me in check like that. "Oh, you thought you were some kind of trendy grown-up that can exist as more than a mother and go have a consequence-free mid-week vacation in the sun for a few days? We don't agree."

My 3 year old was especially helpful in keeping me grounded this week. She was like a ferris wheel. Sometimes she was up and sometimes she was down and there was some kind of odd music coming out of her bedroom. (As it turns out...she snagged her older brother's clock radio when he wasn't looking...but she couldn't figure out how to actually choose a radio station.)

In addition to being sick and uncomfortable and generally hating everyone in the world who wasn't trying to give her an ice cream cone or Cheetos...her laundry list of complaints this week included:

1. The 6 year old was LOOKING AT HER.
2. Her sandwich may or may not have been cut diagonally instead of vertically. (Also..why do we not cut sandwiches horizontally?)
3. Socks.
4. Someone made the couch hot.
5. The 10 year old was making NOISES with his MOUTH.
6. Walls. More than once this week, I overheard her shouting, "I hate walls!"
7. She wanted the store-bought shoes. (You opposed to the homemade ones?!)
8. I wouldn't go to the store in the middle of the night and buy her a toothbrush with a doggy and a button to make it light up.
9. And my personal favorite was her absolute determination that "HUNGRY DOES NOT MEAN REAL FOOD!!" Because, you know...if you say it really makes it super TRUE.

 To be fair though... I made these horseshoe cookies this week and really...who can resist a cookie that is both shiny AND chocolate?!

1. I used a circle cutter and a flip-flop to make my horseshoes. I've done this with multiple sizes of circles and this same flip-flop cutter. If you use a large circle, or want the horseshoe to be thinner...use the wider end of the flip-flop. If you are using a smaller circle or want the horseshoe to be thicker...use the more narrow end of the flip-flop. Easy peasy.
2. After the cookies are baked...outline and fill the entire cookie with a medium consistency gray icing. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes.
3. Pipe 3 dots on the right side of the horseshoe. If you keep your tip low to the cookie, the icing will pillow out around it, creating a perfect puffy circle. Let dry for an hour or two.
4. Spray with a silver airbrush or aerosol spray.

See it in action here.

PS: If you're not making St. Patrick's Day cookies - you can file this one away and use it for Derby cookies in May!




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