Flash Post! -- The New Pie Cookbook -- GIVEAWAY!!!

It's PIE SEASON!!! Are you ready?!

My friends Chris and Paul have put together THE MOST AMAZING pie cookbook I have ever seen. Like...actually ever.

Llama Fiesta Color Palette and Icing Formulas

Use this icing color palette and the formulas to make icing for your next llama or fiesta cookie project!! 

I used Chefmaster brand food coloring for all of these formulas. 
If you're not sure what the "parts" mean, or how to use these formulas, check out THIS POST for detailed step-by-step photos! 

See how I made the llama face cookies HERE!!
Check out my potted cactus tutorial here.
See more of my color palettes and formulas HERE! 

Get the supplies: potted cactus cutter,  black food color markerllama head cutterfull body llama cutter,cloud cuttercactus cutterchevron cutterflower cutter, and heart cutter.

How To Make Decorated Fiesta Cactus Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make these brightly colored fiesta cactus decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!! 

My oldest child is in middle school. I think I might have possibly blocked out all memories of my OWN experience in middle school, because as a parent I legitimately thought middle school would be like elementary school...but with taller kids and a little more homework.

As it turns out, I was not even remotely accurate.

Fall Cookie Decorating Kit GIVEAWAY!!!

(Hey!! Don't miss out! I'm giving away one of these kits at the bottom of the post! )

Starting new things is hard. Even just knowing WHERE TO START a new thing can be hard. Cookie decorating is no different.

I kind of LOVE decorating sugar cookies. Like a lot. And I know that if I could come over to every person's house and get them all set up for decorating a set of cookies... decorated cookies could take over the world. Decorating is so fun and exciting while simultaneously also being calming and therapeutic. Also. SUGAR. It's really got something for everyone.

How To Make Decorated Elf Shoe Cookies

Learn how to make some cute and simple elf shoe decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!  

I went to Costco today.

If you don't know what Costco's a giant warehouse store. You pay money to have a card that lets you in the door so you can spend a ridiculous amount of money every time you go there because everything is sold in bulk and WEIRDLY...bulk items completely bypass my impulse control center.